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Anatomy Term: buccopharyngeal membrane
XAO ID: 0005291
Synonyms: oral plate membrane
Definition: "A 1-2 cell layer membrane comprising cells from the stomodeum and underlying endodermal layer. Perforation of this structure creates an opening connecting the external and the digestive tube which is essential for oral cavity formation."
Stage Range: NF stage 37 and 38 to NF stage 40
Marker Genes:
Develops From:
Anatomy Item Stage Range
mouth primordium NF stage 28 to NF stage 60
oral evagination NF stage 20 to NF stage 35 and 36
Develops Into:
Parent(s): mouth primordium, oral evagination


Parent(s): embryonic structure (is_a) mouth primordium (part_of)


References: NCBO BioPortal , Ontology Lookup Service