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Fig. 6 (Right). Developmental expression of Properdin. Anterior is to the left and dorsal to the top unless otherwise specified. (A) Anterior view of a neurula stage embryo. Arrow indicates neural crest expression. (B) Late neurula/early tadpole stage embryo. Arrows indicate expression in mandibular, hyoid and mandibular segments of anterior neural crest (from anterior to posterior). (C) Tailbud embryo shows strong cephalic expression. Intense expression in developing eye (e) and hindbrain (hb) are indicated. The ventral arrow highlights beginning expression in the anterior endoderm. (D) Cross section through the hindbrain of the embryo in (C). Dorsal is to the top. Expression is limited to the dorsal most part of the neural tube, in the periventricular cells of the hindbrain; (v) ventricle. (E) Section through the developing eye of a tailbud embryo shows strong expression in the lens. Anterior is to the right. (F) In the isolated larval gut expression is confined to the liver bud only (li); (f) foregut, (i) presumptive intestine, (pa) pancreas.

Image published in: McLin VA et al. (2008)

Copyright © 2008. Reproduced with permission of the Publisher, University of the Basque Country Press.

cfp.Lproperdin, bfd, pfc, pfdX.laevisThroughout NF stage 17 to NF stage 18neuroectoderm
neural crest
eye primordium
pre-chordal neural plate
cfp.Lproperdin, bfd, pfc, pfdX.laevisThroughout NF stage 20hindbrain
cranial neural crest
mandibular crest
hyoid crest
anterior branchial crest
posterior branchial crest
eye primordium
anterior neural tube
cfp.Lproperdin, bfd, pfc, pfdX.laevisThroughout NF stage 29 and 30lens
anterior neural tube
liver primordium
head region
otic vesicle

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