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Summary Literature (1)
Literature for DOID 0050562: West syndrome

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Mutations in GABRB3: From febrile seizures to epileptic encephalopathies., Møller RS,Wuttke TV,Helbig I,Marini C,Johannesen KM,Brilstra EH,Vaher U,Borggraefe I,Talvik I,Talvik T,Kluger G,Francois LL,Lesca G,de Bellescize J,Blichfeldt S,Chatron N,Holert N,Jacobs J,Swinkels M,Betzler C,Syrbe S,Nikanorova M,Myers CT,Larsen LH,Vejzovic S,Pendziwiat M,von Spiczak S,Hopkins S,Dubbs H,Mang Y,Mukhin K,Holthausen H,van Gassen KL,Dahl HA,Tommerup N,Mefford HC,Rubboli G,Guerrini R,Lemke JR,Lerche H,Muhle H,Maljevic S, Neurology. January 1, 2017; 88(5):1526-632X.