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Variability of Rheotaxis Behaviors in Larval Bullfrogs Highlights Species Diversity in Lateral Line Function., Brown EE, Simmons AM., PLoS One. January 1, 2016; 11 (11): e0166989.                

Applications of confocal microscopy to study the roles of the cytoskeleton during early embryogenesis in amphibians., Danilchik MV, Brown EE, Larkin K, Ray K., Microsc Microanal. January 1, 1999; 5 Suppl 2 1076-7.

Requirement for microtubules in new membrane formation during cytokinesis of Xenopus embryos., Danilchik MV, Funk WC, Brown EE, Larkin K., Dev Biol. February 1, 1998; 194 (1): 47-60.                              

Provisional bilateral symmetry in Xenopus eggs is established during maturation., Brown EE, Margelot KM, Danilchik MV., Zygote. August 1, 1994; 2 (3): 213-20.

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