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Properties of the hatching enzyme from Xenopus laevis., Fan TJ, Katagiri C., Eur J Biochem. September 1, 2001; 268 (18): 4892-8.

Homoiogenetic regulation through the ectoderm on localized expression of the hatching gland phenotype in the head area of Xenopus embryos., Tamori Y, Mita K, Katagiri C., Dev Growth Differ. October 1, 2000; 42 (5): 459-67.

Analyses of oviductal pars recta-induced fertilizability of coelomic eggs in Xenopus laevis., Katagiri C, Yoshizaki N, Kotani M, Kubo H., Dev Biol. June 15, 1999; 210 (2): 269-76.      

Molecular basis for oviductin-mediated processing from gp43 to gp41, the predominant glycoproteins of Xenopus egg envelopes., Kubo H, Matsushita M, Kotani M, Kawasaki H, Saido TC, Kawashima S, Katagiri C, Suzuki A., Dev Genet. January 1, 1999; 25 (2): 123-9.      

Physicochemical and functional comparison of Xenopus laevis nucleoplasmin obtained from oocytes and from overexpression in bacteria., Saperas N, Chiva M, Aligu null, Itoh T, Katagiri C, Subirana JA, Ausió J., Arch Biochem Biophys. January 1, 1999; 361 (1): 135-41.

Characterization of the hatching enzyme from embryos of an anuran amphibian, Rana pirica., Kitamura Y, Katagiri C., Biochim Biophys Acta. September 8, 1998; 1387 (1-2): 153-64.

Histone H1 binding does not inhibit transcription of nucleosomal Xenopus laevis somatic 5S rRNA templates., Howe L, Itoh T, Katagiri C, Ausió J., Biochemistry. May 19, 1998; 37 (20): 7077-82.

The histone binding protein nucleoplasmin does not facilitate binding of transcription factor IIIA to nucleosomal Xenopus laevis 5S rRNA genes., Howe L, Itoh T, Katagiri C, Ausio J., Biochemistry. February 3, 1998; 37 (5): 1174-7.

A major glycoprotein of Xenopus egg vitelline envelope, gp41, is a frog homolog of mammalian ZP3., Kubo H, Kawano T, Tsubuki S, Kawashima S, Katagiri C, Suzuki A., Dev Growth Differ. August 1, 1997; 39 (4): 405-17.            

Conformation of nucleoplasmin and its interaction with DNA-protamine complex as a simple model of fish sperm nuclei., Iwata K, Hozumi K, Itoh T, Sakairi N, Tokura S, Katagiri C, Nishi N., Int J Biol Macromol. June 1, 1997; 20 (3): 171-8.

Histone H1 variants as sperm-specific nuclear proteins of Rana catesbeiana, and their role in maintaining a unique condensed state of sperm chromatin., Itoh T, Ausio J, Katagiri C., Mol Reprod Dev. June 1, 1997; 47 (2): 181-90.

Primary structures of sperm-specific basic nuclear proteins and gene expression in Japanese newt, Cynops pyrrhogaster., Yoshinobu K, Kondo T, Takai M, Katagiri C, Tou H, Abe SI, Takamune K., Mol Reprod Dev. March 1, 1997; 46 (3): 243-51.

Molecular cloning of Xenopus hatching enzyme and its specific expression in hatching gland cells., Katagiri C, Maeda R, Yamashika C, Mita K, Sargent TD, Yasumasu S., Int J Dev Biol. February 1, 1997; 41 (1): 19-25.            

Heart formative factor(s) is localized in the anterior endoderm of early Xenopus neurula., Tonegawa A, Moriya M, Tada M, Nishimatsu S, Katagiri C, Ueno N., Rouxs Arch Dev Biol. February 1, 1996; 205 (5-6): 282-289.

Structure of genes for sperm-specific nuclear basic protein (SP4) in Xenopus laevis., Mita K, Ariyoshi N, Abé S, Takamune K, Katagiri C., Biochim Biophys Acta. December 14, 1995; 1245 (3): 430-8.

The occurrence of a gene-encoded variant of nuclear basic protein (SP4) in sperm of Xenopus laevis., Takamune K, Teshima K, Abe SI, Katagiri C., Biochem Biophys Res Commun. September 14, 1995; 214 (2): 622-6.

Nucleoplasmin-mediated decondensation of Mytilus sperm chromatin. Identification and partial characterization of a nucleoplasmin-like protein with sperm-nuclei decondensing activity in Mytilus californianus., Rice P, Garduño R, Itoh T, Katagiri C, Ausio J., Biochemistry. June 13, 1995; 34 (23): 7563-8.

Remodeling of sperm chromatin induced in egg extracts of amphibians., Katagiri C, Ohsumi K., Int J Dev Biol. June 1, 1994; 38 (2): 209-16.

cDNA cloning and expression of Xenopus sperm-specific basic nuclear protein 5 (SP5) gene., Ariyoshi N, Hiyoshi H, Katagiri C, Abé SI., Mol Reprod Dev. April 1, 1994; 37 (4): 363-9.

Chromosome condensation in Xenopus mitotic extracts without histone H1., Ohsumi K, Katagiri C, Kishimoto T., Science. December 24, 1993; 262 (5142): 2033-5.

Characterization of the ooplasmic factor inducing decondensation of and protamine removal from toad sperm nuclei: involvement of nucleoplasmin., Ohsumi K, Katagiri C., Dev Biol. November 1, 1991; 148 (1): 295-305.

Occurrence of H1 subtypes specific to pronuclei and cleavage-stage cell nuclei of anuran amphibians., Ohsumi K, Katagiri C., Dev Biol. September 1, 1991; 147 (1): 110-20.

Isolation of cDNA for a Xenopus sperm-specific basic nuclear protein (SP4) and evidence for expression of SP4 mRNA in primary spermatocytes., Hiyoshi H, Uno S, Yokota T, Katagiri C, Nishida H, Takai M, Agata K, Eguchi G, Abé S., Exp Cell Res. May 1, 1991; 194 (1): 95-9.

Occurrence of nonlymphoid leukocytes that are not derived from blood islands in Xenopus laevis larvae., Ohinata H, Tochinai S, Katagiri C., Dev Biol. September 1, 1990; 141 (1): 123-9.

Ontogeny and tissue distribution of leukocyte-common antigen bearing cells during early development of Xenopus laevis., Ohinata H, Tochinai S, Katagiri C., Development. November 1, 1989; 107 (3): 445-52.              

Human sperm nuclei can transform into condensed chromosomes in Xenopus egg extracts., Ohsumi K, Katagiri C, Yanagimachi R., Gamete Res. May 1, 1988; 20 (1): 1-9.

Bufo japonicus japonicus and Xenopus laevis laevis egg jellies contain structurally related antigens and cortical granule lectin ligands., Hedrick JL, Katagiri C., J Exp Zool. January 1, 1988; 245 (1): 78-85.

Analysis of allotolerance in thymectomized Xenopus restored with semiallogeneic thymus grafts., Maéno M, Nakamura T, Tochinai S, Katagiri C., Transplantation. August 1, 1987; 44 (2): 308-14.

Tolerance induced by grafting semi-allogeneic adult skin to larval Xenopus laevis: possible involvement of specific suppressor cell activity., Nakamura T, Maéno M, Tochinai S, Katagiri C., Differentiation. January 1, 1987; 35 (2): 108-14.

Periodic changes in the rigidity of activated anuran eggs depend on germinal vesicle materials., Ohsumi K, Shinagawa A, Katagiri C., Dev Biol. December 1, 1986; 118 (2): 467-73.

Development of pronuclei from human spermatozoa injected microsurgically into frog (Xenopus) eggs., Ohsumi K, Katagiri C, Yanagimachi R., J Exp Zool. March 1, 1986; 237 (3): 319-25.

Cosegregation of the polymorphic C4 with the MHC in the frog, Xenopus laevis., Nakamura T, Sekizawa A, Fujii T, Katagiri C., Immunogenetics. January 1, 1986; 23 (3): 181-6.

Differential commitment of hemopoietic stem cells localized in distinct compartments of early Xenopus embryos., Katagiri C, Maéno M, Tochinai S., Curr Top Dev Biol. January 1, 1986; 20 315-23.

Characterization of the fourth component of complement in the serum of the clawed frog Xenopus laevis., Fujii T, Sekizawa A, Katagiri C., Immunology. December 1, 1985; 56 (4): 743-50.

Differential participation of ventral and dorsolateral mesoderms in the hemopoiesis of Xenopus, as revealed in diploid-triploid or interspecific chimeras., Maéno M, Tochinai S, Katagiri C., Dev Biol. August 1, 1985; 110 (2): 503-8.

Isolation and characterization of the third component of complement in the serum of the clawed frog, Xenopus laevis., Sekizawa A, Fujii T, Katagiri C., J Immunol. September 1, 1984; 133 (3): 1436-43.

Elicitation of weak immune response in larval and adult Xenopus laevis by allografted pituitary., Maéno M, Katagiri C., Transplantation. September 1, 1984; 38 (3): 251-5.

Response to skin grafts exchanged among siblings of larval and adult gynogenetic diploids in Xenopus laevis., Obara N, Kawahara H, Katagiri C., Transplantation. July 1, 1983; 36 (1): 91-5.

Splenic white pulp as a thymus-independent area in the African clawed toad, Xenopus laevis., Obara N, Tochinai S, Katagiri C., Cell Tissue Res. January 1, 1982; 226 (2): 327-35.

Role of injected thymocytes in reconstituting cellular and humoral immune responses in early thymectomized Xenopus: use of triploid markers., Kawahara H, Nagata S, Katagiri C., Dev Comp Immunol. January 1, 1980; 4 (4): 679-90.

Lymphocyte surface immunoglobulin in Xenopus laevis. Light and electron microscopic demonstration by immunoperoxidase method., Nagata S, Katagiri C., Dev Comp Immunol. April 1, 1978; 2 (2): 277-85.

Xenopus laevis as a model for the study of immunology., Katagiri C., Dev Comp Immunol. February 1, 1978; 2 (1): 5-13.

Restoration of immune responsiveness in early thymectomized xenopus by implantation of histocompatible adult thymus., Tochinai S, Nagata S, Katagiri C., Eur J Immunol. October 1, 1976; 6 (10): 711-4.

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