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Oocytes and embryos of Xenopus laevis express two different isoforms of germ cell nuclear factor (GCNF, NR6A1)., Schohl A, Barreto G, Joos TO, Dreyer C., Mech Dev. October 1, 2002; 118 (1-2): 261-4.

Immunocytochemical studies of the interactions of cadherins and catenins in the early Xenopus embryo., Kurth T, Fesenko IV, Schneider S, Münchberg FE, Joos TO, Spieker TP, Hausen P., Dev Dyn. June 1, 1999; 215 (2): 155-69.

Anteroposterior patterning and organogenesis of Xenopus laevis require a correct dose of germ cell nuclear factor (xGCNF)., David R, Joos TO, Dreyer C., Mech Dev. December 1, 1998; 79 (1-2): 137-52.

Cloning of the Xenopus integrin alpha(v) subunit and analysis of its distribution during early development., Joos TO, Reintsch WE, Brinker A, Klein C, Hausen P., Int J Dev Biol. March 1, 1998; 42 (2): 171-9.

A paired oocyte adhesion assay reveals the homophilic binding properties of the Xenopus maternal cadherins, XB/U- and EP-cadherin., Münchberg FE, Spieker TP, Joos TO, Hausen P., Mech Dev. June 1, 1997; 64 (1-2): 87-94.          

Evidence for beta 1-integrins on both apical and basal surfaces of Xenopus retinal pigment epithelium., Chen W, Joos TO, Defoe DM., Exp Eye Res. January 1, 1997; 64 (1): 73-84.              

xGCNF, a nuclear orphan receptor is expressed during neurulation in Xenopus laevis., Joos TO, David R, Dreyer C., Mech Dev. November 1, 1996; 60 (1): 45-57.          

Integrin alpha 5 during early development of Xenopus laevis., Joos TO, Whittaker CA, Meng F, DeSimone DW, Gnau V, Hausen P., Mech Dev. April 1, 1995; 50 (2-3): 187-99.                    

A beta 1-integrin associated alpha-chain is differentially expressed during Xenopus embryogenesis., Gawantka V, Joos TO, Hausen P., Mech Dev. September 1, 1994; 47 (3): 199-211.

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