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Dr.  Peter D Calvert



Research Description

Cell biology, physiology and biophysics of Xenopus retina. Mechanisms of retinal degeneration in ciliopathic diseases.

The Calvert lab studies the dynamics of proteins in live retinal photoreceptors and other ciliated cells to determine how they are transported to and localized within subcellular compartments.

His lab has developed novel, quantitative tools that are being used to probe the dynamics of specific proteins within the living cells in which they normally reside and to determine how mutations that lead to disease cause the proteins to misbehave. Integral to this approach is the use of multiphoton and confocal optical methods to image molecules within living cells from transgenic animals, or from cell culture, that express proteins fused to fluorescent tags. Investigating the dynamics of normal proteins within cells and how they change when mutated will lead to a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying devastating blinding diseases, such as retinitis pigmentosa, as well as other ciliopathies, and may ultimately lead to new therapeutic strategies.

Lab Memberships

Calvert Lab (Principal Investigator/Director)


SUNY Upstate Medical University
Department of Ophthalmology
3610 NRB
750 E. Adams St,
Syracuse, NY
13210, USA


Web Page:

Phone:  315-464-7753