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Paul A. Wilson


Assistant Professor of Clinical Population and Family Health

Research Description

Paul has left the Xenopus research community to work on bringing new drugs and vaccines to developing countries. Currently a consultant to NGOs and international organizations, Dr. Wilson has been director of Policy Analysis at the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative and associate director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University. At the Mailman School of Public Health, he has worked on several aspects of international AIDS policy and on strategies for reaching the Millennium Development Goals. He is the lead author of the UN Millennium Project report Combating AIDS in the Developing World. Before moving to Columbia to work on global health policy, Dr. Wilson spent a number of years in basic science and held research positions at Harvard, Rockefeller University, and Cornell Medical College, where he was assistant professor of cell biology. Dr. Wilson holds degrees in Zoology, Economics, and Physics.

Lab Memberships

Wilson Lab (Principal Investigator/Director)
Wilson Lab (Principal Investigator/Director)




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