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FIG. 3. Northern blot analysis ofxMDC16. The top shows Nordl ern blots of RNA Isolated from the X. laevls tissues testis, heart, Uver, and muscle (left) and testis. ovaries, and eggs (right). Both blots were probed separately w1d1 32P-labeled xMDC16 eDNA under high stringency conditions (see Methods}. The lower left shows the same blot as the upper left probed as a control with 32P-labeled X. Jaev/s fibronectln eDNA (kindly provided by Drs. D. Alfandar1 and D. DeSimone), after removal of the xMDC16 probe. The lower right shows a Northern blot of RNA samples that were Identical to dlose shown in the upper right (testis, ovary, and eggs}, probed with the control 32P-labeled X. Jaev/s fibronectin eDNA.

Image published in: Shilling FM et al. (1997)

Copyright © 1997. Image reproduced with permission of the Publisher, Elsevier B. V.

adam21.Ladam31, xmdc16, mdc16X. laevisSometime during unfertilized egg stage to NF stage 66testis

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