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Figure 2. Fli1 Is Required Upstream of Gata2 for the Definitive Hemangioblast Program(A–L) Fli1 requirement for the definitive hemangioblast. Xenopus embryos injected with Fli1 MO in the VMZ at the 4-cell stage were processed for WISH at stage 26. Note remaining DLP signal in (B) marks the pronephric duct (PND). Red outlines hemangioblasts, black outlines PND. Black arrows, DLP; red arrows, pVBI.(M–T) Gata2 morphants confirm that Fli1 is at the top of the definitive hemangioblast hierarchy. Embryos injected with Gata2 MOs in the VMZ at the 4-cell stage were processed for WISH for expression in the DLP (arrows) at stages shown.

Image published in: Liu F et al. (2008)

Copyright © 2008. Image reproduced with permission of the Publisher, Elsevier B. V.

gata2xGATA-2, GATA-2, xgata2XenopusThroughout unspecified stage 
fli1Xfli, fli, fli-1, Xfli1, Xfli-1, fli1-aXenopusThroughout unspecified stage 

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