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The nucleoporin MEL-28 promotes RanGTP-dependent γ-tubulin recruitment and microtubule nucleation in mitotic spindle formation., Yokoyama H, Koch B, Walczak R, Ciray-Duygu F, González-Sánchez JC, Devos DP, Mattaj IW, Gruss OJ., Nat Commun. January 1, 2014; 5 3270.

CHD4 is a RanGTP-dependent MAP that stabilizes microtubules and regulates bipolar spindle formation., Yokoyama H, Nakos K, Santarella-Mellwig R, Rybina S, Krijgsveld J, Koffa MD, Mattaj IW., Curr Biol. December 16, 2013; 23 (24): 2443-51.                      

Nuclear inclusion of nontargeted and chromatin-targeted polystyrene beads and plasmid DNA containing nanoparticles., Symens N, Walczak R, Demeester J, Mattaj I, De Smedt SC, Remaut K., Mol Pharm. October 3, 2011; 8 (5): 1757-66.

NLS-mediated NPC functions of the nucleoporin Pom121., Yavuz S, Santarella-Mellwig R, Koch B, Jaedicke A, Mattaj IW, Antonin W., FEBS Lett. August 4, 2010; 584 (15): 3292-8.

ISWI is a RanGTP-dependent MAP required for chromosome segregation., Yokoyama H, Rybina S, Santarella-Mellwig R, Mattaj IW, Karsenti E., J Cell Biol. December 14, 2009; 187 (6): 813-29.                    

Hepatoma up-regulated protein is required for chromatin-induced microtubule assembly independently of TPX2., Casanova CM, Rybina S, Yokoyama H, Karsenti E, Mattaj IW., Mol Biol Cell. November 1, 2008; 19 (11): 4900-8.

Nup53 is required for nuclear envelope and nuclear pore complex assembly., Hawryluk-Gara LA, Platani M, Santarella R, Wozniak RW, Mattaj IW., Mol Biol Cell. April 1, 2008; 19 (4): 1753-62.                

Cdk11 is a RanGTP-dependent microtubule stabilization factor that regulates spindle assembly rate., Yokoyama H, Gruss OJ, Rybina S, Caudron M, Schelder M, Wilm M, Mattaj IW, Karsenti E., J Cell Biol. March 10, 2008; 180 (5): 867-75.          

A compartmentalized phosphorylation/dephosphorylation system that regulates U snRNA export from the nucleus., Kitao S, Segref A, Kast J, Wilm M, Mattaj IW, Ohno M., Mol Cell Biol. January 1, 2008; 28 (1): 487-97.

A role for NuSAP in linking microtubules to mitotic chromosomes., Ribbeck K, Raemaekers T, Carmeliet G, Mattaj IW., Curr Biol. February 6, 2007; 17 (3): 230-6.

MEL-28/ELYS is required for the recruitment of nucleoporins to chromatin and postmitotic nuclear pore complex assembly., Franz C, Walczak R, Yavuz S, Santarella R, Gentzel M, Askjaer P, Galy V, Hetzer M, Mattaj IW, Antonin W., EMBO Rep. February 1, 2007; 8 (2): 165-72.

NuSAP, a mitotic RanGTP target that stabilizes and cross-links microtubules., Ribbeck K, Groen AC, Santarella R, Bohnsack MT, Raemaekers T, Köcher T, Gentzel M, Görlich D, Wilm M, Carmeliet G, Mitchison TJ, Ellenberg J, Hoenger A, Mattaj IW., Mol Biol Cell. June 1, 2006; 17 (6): 2646-60.

Direct membrane protein-DNA interactions required early in nuclear envelope assembly., Ulbert S, Platani M, Boue S, Mattaj IW., J Cell Biol. May 22, 2006; 173 (4): 469-76.        

HURP is part of a Ran-dependent complex involved in spindle formation., Koffa MD, Casanova CM, Santarella R, Köcher T, Wilm M, Mattaj IW., Curr Biol. April 18, 2006; 16 (8): 743-54.

The conserved transmembrane nucleoporin NDC1 is required for nuclear pore complex assembly in vertebrate cells., Mansfeld J, Güttinger S, Hawryluk-Gara LA, Panté N, Mall M, Galy V, Haselmann U, Mühlhäusser P, Wozniak RW, Mattaj IW, Kutay U, Antonin W., Mol Cell. April 7, 2006; 22 (1): 93-103.

40LoVe interacts with Vg1RBP/Vera and hnRNP I in binding the Vg1-localization element., Czaplinski K, Mattaj IW., RNA. February 1, 2006; 12 (2): 213-22.

Nup155 regulates nuclear envelope and nuclear pore complex formation in nematodes and vertebrates., Franz C, Askjaer P, Antonin W, Iglesias CL, Haselmann U, Schelder M, de Marco A, Wilm M, Antony C, Mattaj IW., EMBO J. October 19, 2005; 24 (20): 3519-31.

Identification of 40LoVe, a Xenopus hnRNP D family protein involved in localizing a TGF-beta-related mRNA during oogenesis., Czaplinski K, Köcher T, Schelder M, Segref A, Wilm M, Mattaj IW., Dev Cell. April 1, 2005; 8 (4): 505-15.

The integral membrane nucleoporin pom121 functionally links nuclear pore complex assembly and nuclear envelope formation., Antonin W, Franz C, Haselmann U, Antony C, Mattaj IW., Mol Cell. January 7, 2005; 17 (1): 83-92.

Importin alpha associates with membranes and participates in nuclear envelope assembly in vitro., Hachet V, Köcher T, Wilm M, Mattaj IW., EMBO J. April 7, 2004; 23 (7): 1526-35.

Caenorhabditis elegans nucleoporins Nup93 and Nup205 determine the limit of nuclear pore complex size exclusion in vivo., Galy V, Mattaj IW, Askjaer P., Mol Biol Cell. December 1, 2003; 14 (12): 5104-15.

RanGTP mediates nuclear pore complex assembly., Walther TC, Askjaer P, Gentzel M, Habermann A, Griffiths G, Wilm M, Mattaj IW, Hetzer M., Nature. August 7, 2003; 424 (6949): 689-94.

Importin alpha-regulated nucleation of microtubules by TPX2., Schatz CA, Santarella R, Hoenger A, Karsenti E, Mattaj IW, Gruss OJ, Carazo-Salas RE., EMBO J. May 1, 2003; 22 (9): 2060-70.

The conserved Nup107-160 complex is critical for nuclear pore complex assembly., Walther TC, Alves A, Pickersgill H, Loïodice I, Hetzer M, Galy V, Hülsmann BB, Köcher T, Wilm M, Allen T, Mattaj IW, Doye V., Cell. April 18, 2003; 113 (2): 195-206.

The strategy for coupling the RanGTP gradient to nuclear protein export., Becskei A, Mattaj IW., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. February 18, 2003; 100 (4): 1717-22.

Chromosome-induced microtubule assembly mediated by TPX2 is required for spindle formation in HeLa cells., Gruss OJ, Wittmann M, Yokoyama H, Pepperkok R, Kufer T, Silljé H, Karsenti E, Mattaj IW, Vernos I., Nat Cell Biol. November 1, 2002; 4 (11): 871-9.

Large-scale induced fit recognition of an m(7)GpppG cap analogue by the human nuclear cap-binding complex., Mazza C, Segref A, Mattaj IW, Cusack S., EMBO J. October 15, 2002; 21 (20): 5548-57.

Steady-state nuclear localization of exportin-t involves RanGTP binding and two distinct nuclear pore complex interaction domains., Kuersten S, Arts GJ, Walther TC, Englmeier L, Mattaj IW., Mol Cell Biol. August 1, 2002; 22 (16): 5708-20.

Ran binds to chromatin by two distinct mechanisms., Bilbao-Cortés D, Hetzer M, Längst G, Becker PB, Mattaj IW., Curr Biol. July 9, 2002; 12 (13): 1151-6.

The cytoplasmic filaments of the nuclear pore complex are dispensable for selective nuclear protein import., Walther TC, Pickersgill HS, Cordes VC, Goldberg MW, Allen TD, Mattaj IW, Fornerod M., J Cell Biol. July 8, 2002; 158 (1): 63-77.              

Identity elements used in export of mRNAs., Ohno M, Segref A, Kuersten S, Mattaj IW., Mol Cell. March 1, 2002; 9 (3): 659-71.

Distinct AAA-ATPase p97 complexes function in discrete steps of nuclear assembly., Hetzer M, Meyer HH, Walther TC, Bilbao-Cortes D, Warren G, Mattaj IW., Nat Cell Biol. December 1, 2001; 3 (12): 1086-91.

Herpes simplex virus ICP27 protein provides viral mRNAs with access to the cellular mRNA export pathway., Koffa MD, Clements JB, Izaurralde E, Wadd S, Wilson SA, Mattaj IW, Kuersten S., EMBO J. October 15, 2001; 20 (20): 5769-78.

The nucleoporin Nup153 is required for nuclear pore basket formation, nuclear pore complex anchoring and import of a subset of nuclear proteins., Walther TC, Fornerod M, Pickersgill H, Goldberg M, Allen TD, Mattaj IW., EMBO J. October 15, 2001; 20 (20): 5703-14.

The evolutionarily conserved region of the U snRNA export mediator PHAX is a novel RNA-binding domain that is essential for U snRNA export., Segref A, Mattaj IW, Ohno M., RNA. March 1, 2001; 7 (3): 351-60.

Ran-GTP coordinates regulation of microtubule nucleation and dynamics during mitotic-spindle assembly., Carazo-Salas RE, Gruss OJ, Mattaj IW, Karsenti E., Nat Cell Biol. March 1, 2001; 3 (3): 228-34.

Ran induces spindle assembly by reversing the inhibitory effect of importin alpha on TPX2 activity., Gruss OJ, Carazo-Salas RE, Schatz CA, Guarguaglini G, Kast J, Wilm M, Le Bot N, Vernos I, Karsenti E, Mattaj IW., Cell. January 12, 2001; 104 (1): 83-93.

GTP hydrolysis by Ran is required for nuclear envelope assembly., Hetzer M, Bilbao-Cortés D, Walther TC, Gruss OJ, Mattaj IW., Mol Cell. June 1, 2000; 5 (6): 1013-24.

PHAX, a mediator of U snRNA nuclear export whose activity is regulated by phosphorylation., Ohno M, Segref A, Bachi A, Wilm M, Mattaj IW., Cell. April 14, 2000; 101 (2): 187-98.

RanGTP-regulated interactions of CRM1 with nucleoporins and a shuttling DEAD-box helicase., Askjaer P, Bachi A, Wilm M, Bischoff FR, Weeks DL, Ogniewski V, Ohno M, Niehrs C, Kjems J, Mattaj IW, Fornerod M., Mol Cell Biol. September 1, 1999; 19 (9): 6276-85.

Generation of GTP-bound Ran by RCC1 is required for chromatin-induced mitotic spindle formation., Carazo-Salas RE, Guarguaglini G, Gruss OJ, Segref A, Karsenti E, Mattaj IW., Nature. July 8, 1999; 400 (6740): 178-81.

Conserved loop I of U5 small nuclear RNA is dispensable for both catalytic steps of pre-mRNA splicing in HeLa nuclear extracts., Ségault V, Will CL, Polycarpou-Schwarz M, Mattaj IW, Branlant C, Lührmann R., Mol Cell Biol. April 1, 1999; 19 (4): 2782-90.

The role of exportin-t in selective nuclear export of mature tRNAs., Arts GJ, Kuersten S, Romby P, Ehresmann B, Mattaj IW., EMBO J. December 15, 1998; 17 (24): 7430-41.

Identification of a nuclear export receptor for tRNA., Arts GJ, Fornerod M, Mattaj IW., Curr Biol. March 12, 1998; 8 (6): 305-14.

Ribonucleoprotein assembly: clues from spinal muscular atrophy., Mattaj IW., Curr Biol. January 29, 1998; 8 (3): R93-5.

CRM1 is an export receptor for leucine-rich nuclear export signals., Fornerod M, Ohno M, Yoshida M, Mattaj IW., Cell. September 19, 1997; 90 (6): 1051-60.

Energy- and temperature-dependent in vitro export of RNA from synthetic nuclei., Arts GJ, Englmeier L, Mattaj IW., Biol Chem. July 1, 1997; 378 (7): 641-9.

Visualizing nuclear export of different classes of RNA by electron microscopy., Panté N, Jarmolowski A, Izaurralde E, Sauder U, Baschong W, Mattaj IW., RNA. May 1, 1997; 3 (5): 498-513.

A role for the M9 transport signal of hnRNP A1 in mRNA nuclear export., Izaurralde E, Jarmolowski A, Beisel C, Mattaj IW, Dreyfuss G, Fischer U., J Cell Biol. April 7, 1997; 137 (1): 27-35.            

Dominant-negative mutants of importin-beta block multiple pathways of import and export through the nuclear pore complex., Kutay U, Izaurralde E, Bischoff FR, Mattaj IW, Görlich D., EMBO J. March 17, 1997; 16 (6): 1153-63.

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