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Publications By Michael W. King

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Inflammation and immunity in organ regeneration., Mescher AL, Neff AW, King MW., Dev Comp Immunol. January 1, 2017; 66 98-110.

Changes in the inflammatory response to injury and its resolution during the loss of regenerative capacity in developing Xenopus limbs., Mescher AL, Neff AW, King MW., PLoS One. November 13, 2013; 8 (11): e80477.          

The developing Xenopus limb as a model for studies on the balance between inflammation and regeneration., King MW, Neff AW, Mescher AL., Anat Rec (Hoboken). October 1, 2012; 295 (10): 1552-61.

Dedifferentiation and the role of sall4 in reprogramming and patterning during amphibian limb regeneration., Neff AW, King MW, Mescher AL., Dev Dyn. May 1, 2011; 240 (5): 979-89.  

RNA helicase Ddx39 is expressed in the developing central nervous system, limb, otic vesicle, branchial arches and facial mesenchyme of Xenopus laevis., Wilson JM, Martinez-De Luna RI, Hodiri HM, Smith R, King MW, Mescher AL, Neff AW, Belecky-Adams TL., Gene Expr Patterns. January 1, 2010; 10 (1): 44-52.          

Proteomic analysis of blastema formation in regenerating axolotl limbs., Rao N, Jhamb D, Milner DJ, Li B, Song F, Wang M, Voss SR, Palakal M, King MW, Saranjami B, Nye HL, Cameron JA, Stocum DL., BMC Biol. November 30, 2009; 7 83.            

Gene expression profiles of lens regeneration and development in Xenopus laevis., Malloch EL, Perry KJ, Fukui L, Johnson VR, Wever J, Beck CW, King MW, Henry JJ., Dev Dyn. September 1, 2009; 238 (9): 2340-56.                                    

Proteomics analysis of regenerating amphibian limbs: changes during the onset of regeneration., King MW, Neff AW, Mescher AL., Int J Dev Biol. January 1, 2009; 53 (7): 955-69.

Neural MMP-28 expression precedes myelination during development and peripheral nerve repair., Werner SR, Mescher AL, Neff AW, King MW, Chaturvedi S, Duffin KL, Harty MW, Smith RC., Dev Dyn. October 1, 2007; 236 (10): 2852-64.              

Global analysis of gene expression in Xenopus hindlimbs during stage-dependent complete and incomplete regeneration., Grow M, Neff AW, Mescher AL, King MW., Dev Dyn. October 1, 2006; 235 (10): 2667-85.  

Expression of Xenopus XlSALL4 during limb development and regeneration., Neff AW, King MW, Harty MW, Nguyen T, Calley J, Smith RC, Mescher AL., Dev Dyn. June 1, 2005; 233 (2): 356-67.                  

Identification of genes expressed during Xenopus laevis limb regeneration by using subtractive hybridization., King MW, Nguyen T, Calley J, Harty MW, Muzinich MC, Mescher AL, Chalfant C, N'Cho M, McLeaster K, McEntire J, Stocum D, Smith RC, Neff AW., Dev Dyn. February 1, 2003; 226 (2): 398-409.

Human truncated Smad 6 (Smad 6s) inhibits the BMP pathway in Xenopus laevis., Krishnan P, King MW, Neff AW, Sandusky GE, Bierman KL, Grinnell B, Smith RC., Dev Growth Differ. April 1, 2001; 43 (2): 115-32.

Anterior structural defects by misexpression of Xgbx-2 in early Xenopus embryos are associated with altered expression of cell adhesion molecules., King MW, Ndiema M, Neff AW., Dev Dyn. August 1, 1998; 212 (4): 563-79.

Novel HOX, POU and FKH genes expressed during bFGF-induced mesodermal differentiation in Xenopus., King MW, Moore MJ., Nucleic Acids Res. September 25, 1994; 22 (19): 3990-6.

Characterization and expression of the Xenopus c-Myb homolog., Amaravadi L, King MW., Oncogene. March 1, 1994; 9 (3): 971-4.

A rapid and efficient, nonradioactive method for screening recombinant DNA libraries., Amaravadi L, King MW., Biotechniques. January 1, 1994; 16 (1): 98-103.

Expression of two distinct homologues of Xenopus Max during early development., King MW, Blackwood EM, Eisenman RN., Cell Growth Differ. February 1, 1993; 4 (2): 85-92.

Developmentally regulated alternative splicing in the Xenopus laevis c-Myc gene creates an intron-1 containing c-Myc RNA present only in post-midblastula embryos., King MW., Nucleic Acids Res. October 25, 1991; 19 (20): 5777-83.

A non-AUG translational initiation in c-myc exon 1 generates an N-terminally distinct protein whose synthesis is disrupted in Burkitt''s lymphomas., Hann SR, King MW, Bentley DL, Anderson CW, Eisenman RN., Cell. January 29, 1988; 52 (2): 185-95.

Expression of the c-myc proto-oncogene during development of Xenopus laevis., King MW, Roberts JM, Eisenman RN., Mol Cell Biol. December 1, 1986; 6 (12): 4499-508.

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