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ZEB1 imposes a temporary stage-dependent inhibition of muscle gene expression and differentiation via CtBP-mediated transcriptional repression., Siles L, Sánchez-Tilló E, Lim JW, Darling DS, Kroll KL, Postigo A., Mol Cell Biol. April 1, 2013; 33 (7): 1368-82.

Geminin regulates the transcriptional and epigenetic status of neuronal fate-promoting genes during mammalian neurogenesis., Yellajoshyula D, Lim JW, Thompson DM, Witt JS, Patterson ES, Kroll KL., Mol Cell Biol. November 1, 2012; 32 (22): 4549-60.

Generating transgenic frog embryos by restriction enzyme mediated integration (REMI)., Ishibashi S, Kroll KL, Amaya E., Methods Mol Biol. January 1, 2012; 917 185-203.

A novel KRAB domain-containing zinc finger transcription factor ZNF431 directly represses Patched1 transcription., He Z, Cai J, Lim JW, Kroll K, Ma L., J Biol Chem. March 4, 2011; 286 (9): 7279-89.  

Geminin cooperates with Polycomb to restrain multi-lineage commitment in the early embryo., Lim JW, Hummert P, Mills JC, Kroll KL., Development. January 1, 2011; 138 (1): 33-44.                    

Production of transgenic Xenopus laevis by restriction enzyme mediated integration and nuclear transplantation., Amaya E, Kroll K., J Vis Exp. August 21, 2010; (42):

Ajuba LIM proteins are snail/slug corepressors required for neural crest development in Xenopus., Langer EM, Feng Y, Zhaoyuan H, Rauscher FJ, Kroll KL, Longmore GD., Dev Cell. March 1, 2008; 14 (3): 424-36.        

A method for generating transgenic frog embryos., Ishibashi S, Kroll KL, Amaya E., Methods Mol Biol. January 1, 2008; 461 447-66.

Neurogenin and NeuroD direct transcriptional targets and their regulatory enhancers., Seo S, Lim JW, Yellajoshyula D, Chang LW, Kroll KL., EMBO J. December 12, 2007; 26 (24): 5093-108.  

A phosphomimetic mutation in the Sall1 repression motif disrupts recruitment of the nucleosome remodeling and deacetylase complex and repression of Gbx2., Lauberth SM, Bilyeu AC, Firulli BA, Kroll KL, Rauchman M., J Biol Chem. November 30, 2007; 282 (48): 34858-68.                

Maternal cyclin B levels "Chk" the onset of DNA replication checkpoint control in Drosophila., Yellajoshyula D, Patterson ES, Kroll KL., Bioessays. October 1, 2007; 29 (10): 949-52.

Generation of Transgenic Xenopus laevis: III. Sperm Nuclear Transplantation., Ishibashi S, Kroll KL, Amaya E., CSH Protoc. September 1, 2007; 2007 pdb.prot4840.

Generation of Transgenic Xenopus laevis: II. Sperm Nuclei Preparation., Ishibashi S, Kroll KL, Amaya E., CSH Protoc. September 1, 2007; 2007 pdb.prot4839.

Generation of Transgenic Xenopus laevis: I. High-Speed Preparation of Egg Extracts., Ishibashi S, Kroll KL, Amaya E., CSH Protoc. September 1, 2007; 2007 pdb.prot4838.

Geminin in embryonic development: coordinating transcription and the cell cycle during differentiation., Kroll KL., Front Biosci. January 1, 2007; 12 1395-409.

Subcellular translocation signals regulate Geminin activity during embryonic development., Boos A, Lee A, Thompson DM, Kroll KL., Biol Cell. June 1, 2006; 98 (6): 363-75.

Tcf- and Vent-binding sites regulate neural-specific geminin expression in the gastrula embryo., Taylor JJ, Wang T, Kroll KL., Dev Biol. January 15, 2006; 289 (2): 494-506.                

Geminin regulates neuronal differentiation by antagonizing Brg1 activity., Seo S, Herr A, Lim JW, Richardson GA, Richardson H, Kroll KL., Genes Dev. July 15, 2005; 19 (14): 1723-34.      

The SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling protein Brg1 is required for vertebrate neurogenesis and mediates transactivation of Ngn and NeuroD., Seo S, Richardson GA, Kroll KL., Development. January 1, 2005; 132 (1): 105-15.              

Regulation of Smad signaling through a differential recruitment of coactivators and corepressors by ZEB proteins., Postigo AA, Depp JL, Taylor JJ, Kroll KL., EMBO J. May 15, 2003; 22 (10): 2453-62.

Neural induction takes a transcriptional twist., Bainter JJ, Boos A, Kroll KL., Dev Dyn. November 1, 2001; 222 (3): 315-27.  

Easy passage: germline transgenesis in frogs., Kroll KL, Kirschner MW., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. December 7, 1999; 96 (25): 14189-90.

A method for generating transgenic frog embryos., Amaya E, Kroll KL., Methods Mol Biol. January 1, 1999; 97 393-414.

Geminin, a neuralizing molecule that demarcates the future neural plate at the onset of gastrulation., Kroll KL, Salic AN, Evans LM, Kirschner MW., Development. August 1, 1998; 125 (16): 3247-58.                

Sizzled: a secreted Xwnt8 antagonist expressed in the ventral marginal zone of Xenopus embryos., Salic AN, Kroll KL, Evans LM, Kirschner MW., Development. December 1, 1997; 124 (23): 4739-48.              

Expression cloning of a Xenopus T-related gene (Xombi) involved in mesodermal patterning and blastopore lip formation., Lustig KD, Kroll KL, Sun EE, Kirschner MW., Development. December 1, 1996; 122 (12): 4001-12.                  

Transgenic Xenopus embryos from sperm nuclear transplantations reveal FGF signaling requirements during gastrulation., Kroll KL, Amaya E., Development. October 1, 1996; 122 (10): 3173-83.

Transgenic X. laevis embryos from eggs transplanted with nuclei of transfected cultured cells., Kroll KL, Gerhart JC., Science. October 28, 1994; 266 (5185): 650-3.

Cloning and characterization of the segment polarity gene cubitus interruptus Dominant of Drosophila., Orenic TV, Slusarski DC, Kroll KL, Holmgren RA., Genes Dev. June 1, 1990; 4 (6): 1053-67.

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