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Papers associated with pak4

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High-resolution analysis of gene activity during the Xenopus mid-blastula transition., Collart C, Owens ND, Bhaw-Rosun L, Cooper B, De Domenico E, Patrushev I, Sesay AK, Smith JN, Smith JC, Gilchrist MJ., Development. May 1, 2014; 141 (9): 1927-39.                  

Pak6 protein kinase is a novel effector of an atypical Rho family GTPase Chp/RhoV., Shepelev MV, Korobko IV., Biochemistry (Mosc). January 1, 2012; 77 (1): 26-32.

Subgroup II PAK-mediated phosphorylation regulates Ran activity during mitosis., Bompard G, Rabeharivelo G, Frank M, Cau J, Delsert C, Morin N., J Cell Biol. September 6, 2010; 190 (5): 807-22.                    

Inca: a novel p21-activated kinase-associated protein required for cranial neural crest development., Luo T, Xu Y, Xu Y, Hoffman TL, Zhang T, Schilling T, Sargent TD., Development. April 1, 2007; 134 (7): 1279-89.      

Xenopus p21-activated kinase 5 regulates blastomeres'' adhesive properties during convergent extension movements., Faure S, Cau J, de Santa Barbara P, Bigou S, Ge Q, Delsert C, Morin N., Dev Biol. January 15, 2005; 277 (2): 472-92.    

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