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8 Å structure of the outer rings of the Xenopus laevis nuclear pore complex obtained by cryo-EM and AI., Tai L, Zhu Y, Ren H, Huang X, Zhang C, Sun F., Protein Cell. October 1, 2022; 13 (10): 760-777.                                                                        

Structure of the cytoplasmic ring of the Xenopus laevis nuclear pore complex., Zhu X, Huang G, Zeng C, Zhan X, Liang K, Xu Q, Zhao Y, Wang P, Wang Q, Zhou Q, Tao Q, Liu M, Lei J, Yan C, Shi Y., Science. June 10, 2022; 376 (6598): eabl8280.

Structure of cytoplasmic ring of nuclear pore complex by integrative cryo-EM and AlphaFold., Fontana P, Dong Y, Pi X, Tong AB, Hecksel CW, Wang L, Fu TM, Bustamante C, Wu H., Science. June 10, 2022; 376 (6598): eabm9326.

Structure of the cytoplasmic ring of the Xenopus laevis nuclear pore complex by cryo-electron microscopy single particle analysis., Huang G, Zhang Y, Zhang Y, Zhu X, Zeng C, Wang Q, Zhou Q, Tao Q, Tao Q, Liu M, Lei J, Yan C, Shi Y, Shi Y., Cell Res. June 1, 2020; 30 (6): 520-531.                                    

Transportin acts to regulate mitotic assembly events by target binding rather than Ran sequestration., Bernis C, Swift-Taylor B, Nord M, Carmona S, Chook YM, Forbes DJ., Mol Biol Cell. April 1, 2014; 25 (7): 992-1009.                  

Parvoviruses cause nuclear envelope breakdown by activating key enzymes of mitosis., Porwal M, Cohen S, Snoussi K, Popa-Wagner R, Anderson F, Dugot-Senant N, Wodrich H, Dinsart C, Kleinschmidt JA, Panté N, Kann M., PLoS Pathog. October 1, 2013; 9 (10): e1003671.                      

Systematic analysis of barrier-forming FG hydrogels from Xenopus nuclear pore complexes., Labokha AA, Gradmann S, Frey S, Hülsmann BB, Urlaub H, Baldus M, Görlich D., EMBO J. January 23, 2013; 32 (2): 204-18.              

The permeability of reconstituted nuclear pores provides direct evidence for the selective phase model., Hülsmann BB, Labokha AA, Görlich D., Cell. August 17, 2012; 150 (4): 738-51.          

Indian hedgehog signaling is required for proper formation, maintenance and migration of Xenopus neural crest., Agüero TH, Fernández JP, López GA, Tríbulo C, Aybar MJ., Dev Biol. April 15, 2012; 364 (2): 99-113.                    

Neurally Derived Tissues in Xenopus laevis Embryos Exhibit a Consistent Bioelectrical Left-Right Asymmetry., Pai VP, Vandenberg LN, Blackiston D, Levin M., Stem Cells Int. January 1, 2012; 2012 353491.          

Nuclear import of an intact preassembled proteasome particle., Savulescu AF, Shorer H, Kleifeld O, Cohen I, Gruber R, Glickman MH, Harel A., Mol Biol Cell. March 15, 2011; 22 (6): 880-91.                

Transmembrane potential of GlyCl-expressing instructor cells induces a neoplastic-like conversion of melanocytes via a serotonergic pathway., Blackiston D, Adams DS, Lemire JM, Lobikin M, Levin M., Dis Model Mech. January 1, 2011; 4 (1): 67-85.                

PIASy-dependent SUMOylation regulates DNA topoisomerase IIalpha activity., Ryu H, Furuta M, Kirkpatrick D, Gygi SP, Azuma Y., J Cell Biol. November 15, 2010; 191 (4): 783-94.              

ER membrane-bending proteins are necessary for de novo nuclear pore formation., Dawson TR, Lazarus MD, Hetzer MW, Wente SR., J Cell Biol. March 9, 2009; 184 (5): 659-75.                

A new role for the Endothelin-1/Endothelin-A receptor signaling during early neural crest specification., Bonano M, Tríbulo C, De Calisto J, Marchant L, Sánchez SS, Mayor R, Aybar MJ., Dev Biol. November 1, 2008; 323 (1): 114-29.                          

Hairy2-Id3 interactions play an essential role in Xenopus neural crest progenitor specification., Nichane M, de Crozé N, Ren X, Souopgui J, Monsoro-Burq AH, Bellefroid EJ., Dev Biol. October 15, 2008; 322 (2): 355-67.                          

RanBP2: a tumor suppressor with a new twist on TopoII, SUMO, and centromeres., Navarro MS, Bachant J., Cancer Cell. April 1, 2008; 13 (4): 293-5.

Nuclear envelope breakdown is coordinated by both Nup358/RanBP2 and Nup153, two nucleoporins with zinc finger modules., Prunuske AJ, Liu J, Elgort S, Joseph J, Dasso M, Ullman KS., Mol Biol Cell. February 1, 2006; 17 (2): 760-9.

The integral membrane nucleoporin pom121 functionally links nuclear pore complex assembly and nuclear envelope formation., Antonin W, Franz C, Haselmann U, Antony C, Mattaj IW., Mol Cell. January 7, 2005; 17 (1): 83-92.

Nup358/RanBP2 attaches to the nuclear pore complex via association with Nup88 and Nup214/CAN and plays a supporting role in CRM1-mediated nuclear protein export., Bernad R, van der Velde H, Fornerod M, Pickersgill H., Mol Cell Biol. March 1, 2004; 24 (6): 2373-84.

RanGTP mediates nuclear pore complex assembly., Walther TC, Askjaer P, Gentzel M, Habermann A, Griffiths G, Wilm M, Mattaj IW, Hetzer M., Nature. August 7, 2003; 424 (6949): 689-94.

Sox10 regulates the development of neural crest-derived melanocytes in Xenopus., Aoki Y, Saint-Germain N, Gyda M, Magner-Fink E, Lee YH, Lee YH, Credidio C, Saint-Jeannet JP., Dev Biol. July 1, 2003; 259 (1): 19-33.          

Enzymes of the SUMO modification pathway localize to filaments of the nuclear pore complex., Zhang H, Saitoh H, Matunis MJ., Mol Cell Biol. September 1, 2002; 22 (18): 6498-508.

The cytoplasmic filaments of the nuclear pore complex are dispensable for selective nuclear protein import., Walther TC, Pickersgill HS, Cordes VC, Goldberg MW, Allen TD, Mattaj IW, Fornerod M., J Cell Biol. July 8, 2002; 158 (1): 63-77.              

Perturbation of SUMOlation enzyme Ubc9 by distinct domain within nucleoporin RanBP2/Nup358., Saitoh H, Pizzi MD, Wang J., J Biol Chem. February 15, 2002; 277 (7): 4755-63.

Novel vertebrate nucleoporins Nup133 and Nup160 play a role in mRNA export., Vasu S, Shah S, Orjalo A, Park M, Fischer WH, Forbes DJ., J Cell Biol. October 29, 2001; 155 (3): 339-54.                    

Role of the hinge region and the tryptophan residue in the synthetic antimicrobial peptides, cecropin A(1-8)-magainin 2(1-12) and its analogues, on their antibiotic activities and structures., Oh D, Shin SY, Lee S, Kang JH, Kim SD, Ryu PD, Hahm KS, Kim Y., Biochemistry. October 3, 2000; 39 (39): 11855-64.

Major binding sites for the nuclear import receptor are the internal nucleoporin Nup153 and the adjacent nuclear filament protein Tpr., Shah S, Tugendreich S, Forbes D., J Cell Biol. April 6, 1998; 141 (1): 31-49.                    

Modification of Ran GTPase-activating protein by the small ubiquitin-related modifier SUMO-1 requires Ubc9, an E2-type ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme homologue., Lee GW, Melchior F, Matunis MJ, Mahajan R, Tian Q, Anderson P., J Biol Chem. March 13, 1998; 273 (11): 6503-7.

Ubc9p and the conjugation of SUMO-1 to RanGAP1 and RanBP2., Saitoh H, Sparrow DB, Shiomi T, Pu RT, Nishimoto T, Mohun TJ, Dasso M., Curr Biol. January 15, 1998; 8 (2): 121-4.

Xenopus Ran-binding protein 1: molecular interactions and effects on nuclear assembly in Xenopus egg extracts., Nicolás FJ, Zhang C, Hughes M, Goldberg MW, Watton SJ, Clarke PR., J Cell Sci. December 1, 1997; 110 ( Pt 24) 3019-30.

RanBP2 associates with Ubc9p and a modified form of RanGAP1., Saitoh H, Pu R, Cavenagh M, Dasso M., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. April 15, 1997; 94 (8): 3736-41.

Evolutionary conservation of Xenopus laevis mitogen-activated protein kinase activation and function., Waskiewicz AJ, Cooper JA., Cell Growth Differ. December 1, 1993; 4 (12): 965-73.

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