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Papers associated with nup210

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Molecular architecture of the luminal ring of the Xenopus laevis nuclear pore complex., Zhang Y, Li S, Zeng C, Huang G, Zhu X, Wang Q, Wang K, Zhou Q, Yan C, Zhang W, Yang G, Liu M, Tao Q, Tao Q, Lei J, Shi Y., Cell Res. June 1, 2020; 30 (6): 532-540.                                

Nuclear pore complex plasticity during developmental process as revealed by super-resolution microscopy., Sellés J, Penrad-Mobayed M, Guillaume C, Fuger A, Auvray L, Faklaris O, Montel F., Sci Rep. November 7, 2017; 7 (1): 14732.      

MISTIC-fusion proteins as antigens for high quality membrane protein antibodies., Alves NS, Astrinidis SA, Eisenhardt N, Sieverding C, Redolfi J, Lorenz M, Weberruss M, Moreno-Andrés D, Antonin W., Sci Rep. February 2, 2017; 7 41519.              

Nucleoporin gene expression in Xenopus tropicalis embryonic development., Reza N, Khokha MK, Del Viso F., Int J Dev Biol. January 1, 2016; 60 (4-6): 181-8.            

Correlative super-resolution fluorescence and electron microscopy of the nuclear pore complex with molecular resolution., Löschberger A, Franke C, Krohne G, van de Linde S, Sauer M., J Cell Sci. October 15, 2014; 127 (Pt 20): 4351-5.

Super-resolution imaging visualizes the eightfold symmetry of gp210 proteins around the nuclear pore complex and resolves the central channel with nanometer resolution., Löschberger A, van de Linde S, Dabauvalle MC, Rieger B, Heilemann M, Krohne G, Sauer M., J Cell Sci. February 1, 2012; 125 (Pt 3): 570-5.

The C-terminal domain of Nup93 is essential for assembly of the structural backbone of nuclear pore complexes., Sachdev R, Sieverding C, Flötenmeyer M, Antonin W., Mol Biol Cell. February 1, 2012; 23 (4): 740-9.                

Capture of AT-rich chromatin by ELYS recruits POM121 and NDC1 to initiate nuclear pore assembly., Rasala BA, Ramos C, Harel A, Forbes DJ., Mol Biol Cell. September 1, 2008; 19 (9): 3982-96.

NEP-A and NEP-B both contribute to nuclear pore formation in Xenopus eggs and oocytes., Salpingidou G, Rzepecki R, Kiseleva E, Lyon C, Lane B, Fusiek K, Golebiewska A, Drummond S, Allen T, Ellis JA, Smythe C, Goldberg MW, Goldberg MW, Hutchison CJ., J Cell Sci. March 1, 2008; 121 (Pt 5): 706-16.

NSF- and SNARE-mediated membrane fusion is required for nuclear envelope formation and completion of nuclear pore complex assembly in Xenopus laevis egg extracts., Baur T, Ramadan K, Schlundt A, Kartenbeck J, Meyer HH., J Cell Sci. August 15, 2007; 120 (Pt 16): 2895-903.

The integral membrane nucleoporin pom121 functionally links nuclear pore complex assembly and nuclear envelope formation., Antonin W, Franz C, Haselmann U, Antony C, Mattaj IW., Mol Cell. January 7, 2005; 17 (1): 83-92.

Removal of a single pore subcomplex results in vertebrate nuclei devoid of nuclear pores., Harel A, Orjalo AV, Vincent T, Lachish-Zalait A, Vasu S, Shah S, Zimmerman E, Elbaum M, Forbes DJ., Mol Cell. April 1, 2003; 11 (4): 853-64.

Polyproline type II conformation in the C-terminal domain of the nuclear pore complex protein gp210., Pilpel Y, Bogin O, Brumfeld V, Reich Z., Biochemistry. April 1, 2003; 42 (12): 3519-26.

Interference with the cytoplasmic tail of gp210 disrupts "close apposition" of nuclear membranes and blocks nuclear pore dilation., Drummond SP, Wilson KL., J Cell Biol. July 8, 2002; 158 (1): 53-62.              

Nuclear membrane vesicle targeting to chromatin in a Drosophila embryo cell-free system., Ulitzur N, Harel A, Goldberg M, Feinstein N, Gruenbaum Y., Mol Biol Cell. August 1, 1997; 8 (8): 1439-48.

An antibody against a glycosylated integral membrane protein of the Xenopus laevis nuclear pore complex: a tool for the study of pore complex membranes., Gajewski A, Lourim D, Krohne G., Eur J Cell Biol. September 1, 1996; 71 (1): 14-21.

Nuclear pore complex assembly studied with a biochemical assay for annulate lamellae formation., Meier E, Miller BR, Forbes DJ., J Cell Biol. June 1, 1995; 129 (6): 1459-72.

An RNase-sensitive particle containing Drosophila melanogaster DNA topoisomerase II., Meller VH, McConnell M, Fisher PA., J Cell Biol. September 1, 1994; 126 (6): 1331-40.

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