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Membrane progesterone receptor induces meiosis in Xenopus oocytes through endocytosis into signaling endosomes and interaction with APPL1 and Akt2., Nader N, Dib M, Hodeify R, Courjaret R, Elmi A, Hammad AS, Dey R, Huang XY, Machaca K., PLoS Biol. November 2, 2020; 18 (11): e3000901.          

Appl1 is essential for the survival of Xenopus pancreas, duodenum, and stomach progenitor cells., Wen L, Yang Y, Yang Y, Wang Y, Xu A, Wu D, Chen Y, Chen Y., Dev Dyn. August 1, 2010; 239 (8): 2198-207.                                          

Effects of monomethylarsonic and monomethylarsonous acid on evoked synaptic potentials in hippocampal slices of adult and young rats., Krüger K, Straub H, Hirner AV, Hippler J, Binding N, Musshoff U., Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. April 1, 2009; 236 (1): 115-23.

Evidence for a copper-binding superfamily of the amyloid precursor protein., Simons A, Ruppert T, Schmidt C, Schlicksupp A, Pipkorn R, Reed J, Masters CL, White AR, Cappai R, Beyreuther K, Bayer TA, Multhaup G., Biochemistry. July 30, 2002; 41 (30): 9310-20.

Signalling pathways in oocyte meiotic maturation., Schmitt A, Nebreda AR., J Cell Sci. June 15, 2002; 115 (Pt 12): 2457-9.  

Micromolded PDMS planar electrode allows patch clamp electrical recordings from cells., Klemic KG, Klemic JF, Reed MA, Sigworth FJ., Biosens Bioelectron. June 1, 2002; 17 (6-7): 597-604.

Fixation of the unmethylated or the 5''-CCGG-3'' methylated adenovirus late E2A promoter-cat gene construct in the genome of hamster cells: gene expression and stability of methylation patterns., Müller U, Doerfler W., J Virol. December 1, 1987; 61 (12): 3710-20.

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