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Papers associated with neurod6

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Evolution of neural precursor selection: functional divergence of proneural proteins., Quan XJ, Denayer T, Yan J, Jafar-Nejad H, Philippi A, Lichtarge O, Vleminckx K, Vleminckx K, Hassan BA., Development. April 1, 2004; 131 (8): 1679-89.        

The basic helix-loop-helix differentiation factor Nex1/MATH-2 functions as a key activator of the GAP-43 gene., Uittenbogaard M, Martinka DL, Chiaramello A., J Neurochem. February 1, 2003; 84 (4): 678-88.

Xath2, a bHLH gene expressed during a late transition stage of neurogenesis in the forebrain of Xenopus embryos., Taelman V, Opdecamp K, Avalosse B, Ryan K, Bellefroid EJ., Mech Dev. March 1, 2001; 101 (1-2): 199-202.      

Regulation of neurogenesis by interactions between HEN1 and neuronal LMO proteins., Bao J, Talmage DA, Role LW, Gautier J., Development. January 1, 2000; 127 (2): 425-35.                

The activity of neurogenin1 is controlled by local cues in the zebrafish embryo., Blader P, Fischer N, Gradwohl G, Guillemot F, Strähle U., Development. November 1, 1997; 124 (22): 4557-69.  

XATH-1, a vertebrate homolog of Drosophila atonal, induces a neuronal differentiation within ectodermal progenitors., Kim P, Helms AW, Johnson JE, Zimmerman K., Dev Biol. July 1, 1997; 187 (1): 1-12.            

Identification of neurogenin, a vertebrate neuronal determination gene., Ma Q, Kintner C, Anderson DJ., Cell. October 4, 1996; 87 (1): 43-52.                

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