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A convergent molecular network underlying autism and congenital heart disease., Rosenthal SB, Willsey HR, Xu Y, Xu Y, Mei Y, Dea J, Wang S, Curtis C, Sempou E, Khokha MK, Chi NC, Willsey AJ, Fisch KM, Ideker T., Cell Syst. November 17, 2021; 12 (11): 1094-1107.e6.            

Development of a novel selective inhibitor of the Down syndrome-related kinase Dyrk1A., Ogawa Y, Nonaka Y, Goto T, Ohnishi E, Hiramatsu T, Kii I, Yoshida M, Ikura T, Onogi H, Shibuya H, Hosoya T, Ito N, Hagiwara M., Nat Commun. October 5, 2010; 1 86.  

Transgenic animal models of tauopathies., Lee VM, Kenyon TK, Trojanowski JQ., Biochim Biophys Acta. January 3, 2005; 1739 (2-3): 251-9.

Abnormal Tau phosphorylation of the Alzheimer-type also occurs during mitosis., Delobel P, Flament S, Hamdane M, Mailliot C, Sambo AV, Bégard S, Sergeant N, Delacourte A, Vilain JP, Buée L., J Neurochem. October 1, 2002; 83 (2): 412-20.

Modelling Alzheimer-specific abnormal Tau phosphorylation independently of GSK3beta and PKA kinase activities., Delobel P, Flament S, Hamdane M, Delacourte A, Vilain JP, Buée L., FEBS Lett. April 10, 2002; 516 (1-3): 151-5.

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