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Importance of diet in amphibian metamorphosis-based studies designed to assess the risk of thyroid active substances., Fort DJ, Leopold MA, Wolf JC, Todhunter KJ, Weterings PJJM., J Appl Toxicol. September 2, 2022;           

Functional characterization of SMN evolution in mouse models of SMA., Osman EY, Bolding MR, Villalón E, Kaifer KA, Lorson ZC, Tisdale S, Hao Y, Conant GC, Pires JC, Pellizzoni L, Lorson CL., Sci Rep. July 1, 2019; 9 (1): 9472.              

Katanin-like protein Katnal2 is required for ciliogenesis and brain development in Xenopus embryos., Willsey HR, Walentek P, Exner CRT, Xu Y, Xu Y, Lane AB, Harland RM, Heald R, Santama N., Dev Biol. October 15, 2018; 442 (2): 276-287.                                      

Comparison of T7E1 and surveyor mismatch cleavage assays to detect mutations triggered by engineered nucleases., Vouillot L, Thélie A, Pollet N., G3 (Bethesda). January 7, 2015; 5 (3): 407-15.          

Drosha protein levels are translationally regulated during Xenopus oocyte maturation., Muggenhumer D, Vesely C, Nimpf S, Tian N, Yongfeng J, Jantsch MF., Mol Biol Cell. July 1, 2014; 25 (13): 2094-104.          

Validation of novel reference genes for RT-qPCR studies of gene expression in Xenopus tropicalis during embryonic and post-embryonic development., Dhorne-Pollet S, Thélie A, Pollet N., Dev Dyn. June 1, 2013; 242 (6): 709-17.    

Structural basis of assembly chaperone- mediated snRNP formation., Grimm C, Chari A, Pelz JP, Kuper J, Kisker C, Diederichs K, Stark H, Schindelin H, Fischer U., Mol Cell. February 21, 2013; 49 (4): 692-703.

Implication of the SMN complex in the biogenesis and steady state level of the signal recognition particle., Piazzon N, Schlotter F, Lefebvre S, Dodré M, Méreau A, Soret J, Besse A, Barkats M, Bordonné R, Branlant C, Massenet S., Nucleic Acids Res. January 1, 2013; 41 (2): 1255-72.                  

Reduced levels of survival motor neuron protein leads to aberrant motoneuron growth in a Xenopus model of muscular atrophy., Ymlahi-Ouazzani Q, J Bronchain O, Paillard E, Ballagny C, Chesneau A, Jadaud A, Mazabraud A, Pollet N., Neurogenetics. February 1, 2010; 11 (1): 27-40.  

Reduced U snRNP assembly causes motor axon degeneration in an animal model for spinal muscular atrophy., Winkler C, Eggert C, Gradl D, Meister G, Giegerich M, Wedlich D, Laggerbauer B, Fischer U., Genes Dev. October 1, 2005; 19 (19): 2320-30.  

Sm proteins, the constituents of the spliceosome, are components of nuage and mitochondrial cement in Xenopus oocytes., Bilinski SM, Jaglarz MK, Szymanska B, Etkin LD, Kloc M., Exp Cell Res. September 10, 2004; 299 (1): 171-8.

snRNAs contain specific SMN-binding domains that are essential for snRNP assembly., Yong J, Golembe TJ, Battle DJ, Pellizzoni L, Dreyfuss G., Mol Cell Biol. April 1, 2004; 24 (7): 2747-56.

NO66, a highly conserved dual location protein in the nucleolus and in a special type of synchronously replicating chromatin., Eilbracht J, Reichenzeller M, Hergt M, Schnölzer M, Heid H, Stöhr M, Franke WW, Schmidt-Zachmann MS., Mol Biol Cell. April 1, 2004; 15 (4): 1816-32.                            

Assisted RNP assembly: SMN and PRMT5 complexes cooperate in the formation of spliceosomal UsnRNPs., Meister G, Fischer U., EMBO J. November 1, 2002; 21 (21): 5853-63.

Sequence-specific interaction of U1 snRNA with the SMN complex., Yong J, Pellizzoni L, Dreyfuss G., EMBO J. March 1, 2002; 21 (5): 1188-96.

Methylation of Sm proteins by a complex containing PRMT5 and the putative U snRNP assembly factor pICln., Meister G, Eggert C, Bühler D, Brahms H, Kambach C, Fischer U., Curr Biol. December 11, 2001; 11 (24): 1990-4.

A multiprotein complex mediates the ATP-dependent assembly of spliceosomal U snRNPs., Meister G, Bühler D, Pillai R, Lottspeich F, Fischer U., Nat Cell Biol. November 1, 2001; 3 (11): 945-9.

Direct interaction of the spinal muscular atrophy disease protein SMN with the small nucleolar RNA-associated protein fibrillarin., Jones KW, Gorzynski K, Hales CM, Fischer U, Badbanchi F, Terns RM, Terns MP., J Biol Chem. October 19, 2001; 276 (42): 38645-51.  

Gemin4. A novel component of the SMN complex that is found in both gems and nucleoli., Charroux B, Pellizzoni L, Perkinson RA, Yong J, Shevchenko A, Mann M, Dreyfuss G., J Cell Biol. March 20, 2000; 148 (6): 1177-86.                

Essential role for the tudor domain of SMN in spliceosomal U snRNP assembly: implications for spinal muscular atrophy., Bühler D, Raker V, Lührmann R, Fischer U., Hum Mol Genet. December 1, 1999; 8 (13): 2351-7.

pICln inhibits snRNP biogenesis by binding core spliceosomal proteins., Pu WT, Krapivinsky GB, Krapivinsky L, Clapham DE., Mol Cell Biol. June 1, 1999; 19 (6): 4113-20.

Ribonucleoprotein assembly: clues from spinal muscular atrophy., Mattaj IW., Curr Biol. January 29, 1998; 8 (3): R93-5.

The SMN-SIP1 complex has an essential role in spliceosomal snRNP biogenesis., Fischer U, Liu Q, Dreyfuss G., Cell. September 19, 1997; 90 (6): 1023-9.

A novel nuclear structure containing the survival of motor neurons protein., Liu Q, Dreyfuss G., EMBO J. July 15, 1996; 15 (14): 3555-65.

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