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Papers associated with slc30a5

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Regulation of ZIP and ZnT zinc transporters in zebrafish gill: zinc repression of ZIP10 transcription by an intronic MRE cluster., Zheng D, Feeney GP, Kille P, Hogstrand C., Physiol Genomics. July 15, 2008; 34 (2): 205-14.

ZnT5 variant B is a bidirectional zinc transporter and mediates zinc uptake in human intestinal Caco-2 cells., Valentine RA, Jackson KA, Christie GR, Mathers JC, Taylor PM, Ford D., J Biol Chem. May 11, 2007; 282 (19): 14389-93.

Intestinal and placental zinc transport pathways., Ford D., Proc Nutr Soc. February 1, 2004; 63 (1): 21-9.

A novel zinc-regulated human zinc transporter, hZTL1, is localized to the enterocyte apical membrane., Cragg RA, Christie GR, Phillips SR, Russi RM, Küry S, Mathers JC, Taylor PM, Ford D., J Biol Chem. June 21, 2002; 277 (25): 22789-97.

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