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agrn     agrin

Monarch Ortholog Phenotypes
These phenotypes are associated with this gene with a has phenotype relation via Monarch.
Human (99 sources): Abnormality of eye movement, Abnormality of masticatory muscle, Abnormality of the musculature of the upper limbs, Ankle weakness, Apneic episodes precipitated by illness, fatigue, stress, Areflexia, Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, Ataxia, Bulbar palsy, Central sleep apnea, [+]
Mouse (26 sources): abnormal axon morphology, abnormal diaphragm morphology, abnormal hindlimb morphology, abnormal innervation, abnormal innervation pattern to muscle, abnormal motor capabilities/coordination/movement, abnormal neuromuscular synapse morphology, abnormal paired-pulse inhibition, abnormal renal glomerulus basement membrane morphology, abnormal skeletal muscle fiber type ratio, [+]

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