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htr2cxenopus diencephalon 

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De Lucchini S et al. (2003) Assay

Expression of 5-HT2B and 5-HT2C receptor genes is associated with proliferative regions of Xenopus developing brain and eye.

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htr2c.S laevis NF stage 45 diencephalon

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  Fig. 3. Expression pattern of 5-HT2B and 2C receptor mRNAs in the larval brain. The probes used are indicated at bottom of each panel. The figure shows transversal sections of larvae neural tube at stage 40 (A–C) and 45 (D–O). Panels correspond to diencephalon (D–F), mesencephalon (A–C, G–I); anterior (J–L and O) and posterior rhomboencephalon (M–N). Proliferating zones are evidenced by BrdU incorporation (E,H,K) and by labelling with proliferation markers (B,C,N,O). (E,H,K): in blue, Hoechst nuclear staining; BrdU incorporation is viewed as orange fluorescence.