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itga6xenopus forebrain 

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Lallier TE et al. (1996) Assay

Integrin alpha 6 expression is required for early nervous system development in Xenopus laevis.

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itga6.L laevis NF stage 32 forebrain

  NIHFig. 5. Localization of integrin a6 subunit mRNA in stage 32 tailbud Xenopus embryos by whole-mount in situ hybridization. Views of stage 32 Xenopus embryos probed with either antisense (A,C-K) or sense (B) digoxigenin-labeled transcripts. The rostral end of each embryo is to the right in A-H). (C) Integrin a6 mRNA is expressed in discreet regions throughout the developing nervous system including the Schwann cells of the seventh, eighth and tenth (VII, VIII and X) cranial nerves (arrows), the olfactory placode (op), the otic vesicle (ov), (D) the trigeminal ganglia (tg) and lens (l), and (F) inter-neurons in the spinal cord (in). In the developing brain (H), a6 mRNA is expressed in the cells of the ventricular layer (v). In the developing kidney (E), integrin a6 mRNA is expressed in the pronephros (pn) and (G) the elongating pronephric duct (pnd). Transverse sections of whole-mount stained embryos are presented at the levels of the (I) hindbrain, (J) rostral spinal cord and (K) mid-thoracic region. a6 mRNA in the neural tube is detected in two rows of laterally symmetrical interneurons whose cell bodies reside midway along the dorsal-ventral axis of the neural tube (arrowheads). (I) In rostral regions of the embryo, a6 mRNA is present in the otic vesicle (ov) and within the pronephros (pn), and (J) more caudally in the pronephric duct (pnd).