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mmp11xenopus pancreas 

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Transdifferentiation of tadpole pancreatic acinar cells to duct cells mediated by Notch and stromelysin-3.

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mmp11.L laevis NF stage 62 pancreas

  Fig. 1. Expression of stromelysin-3 (ST3) in the pancreas during metamorphosis. A) ST3 mRNA was measured during spontaneous and induced metamorphosis in Xenopus laevis. ST- 3 mRNA is undetectable during pre and pro-metamorphic period as well as in the adult pancreas. However ST3 expression is induced at the climax of metamorphosis (NF62) when endogenous TH is the highest. Addition of 10 nM T3 induces ST-3 mRNA. Pro-MM is NF58; pre-MM is NF 54–55; B) Control section of an NF55 tadpole pancreas stained with ST3 antiserum; C) ST3 protein is highly up regulated in the pancreas at NF62. Scale bar=20 μm.