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mmp11xenopus fin 

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Berry DL et al. (1998) Assay

The expression pattern of thyroid hormone response genes in the tadpole tail identifies multiple resorption programs.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
mmp11.L stomelysin-3 laevis NF stage 62 fin

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  FIG. 7. In situ hybridization of tadpole tail cross sections. (A) Composite with stromelysin-3 antisense probe at late stage 62, just preceding fin resorption. Scale bar, 200 mm. (B) Composite of gene B antisense probe at stage 63. Arrowheads delineate myosepta. Scale bar, 400 mm. (C, D) Peak expression of deiodinase at stage 61 in tissues that will subsequently up-regulate the delayed response genes as deiodinase levels drop. (C) Exterior section, (D) interior section. Scale bars, 100 mm in C and D.