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mst1xenopus diencephalon 

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Ruiz i Altaba A and Théry C (1996) Assay

Involvement of Livertine, a hepatocyte growth factor family member, in neural morphogenesis.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
mst1.S laevis NF stage 22 diencephalon
mst1.S laevis NF stage 35 and 36 diencephalon

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  Fig. 3. Expression of Livertine in late neurula, tailbud and tadpole stage embryos. (A) Livertine mRNA is detected in the migrating neural crest (nc) of the head, in the eye (e) and in the dorsal neural tube (dnt). Expression in the crest is detected in the mandibular, hyoid and branchial groups (from anterior to posterior, left to right, respectively). These three groups can be clearly seen in the bottom embryo (stage -20). Dorsal side is up for the embryo on top (stage -22) and the embryo on the bottom is a more lateral view. (B) Expression of Livertine in the bead of a stage -30 tadpole showing its mRNA in cells of the branchial arches (ba), frontonasal process (fn), the retina of the eye (e), the telencephalon (t), ventral diencephalon (vdi) and ventral midbrain (vmb). (C) Unilateral view of a cross section of the head of a stage -36 tadpole showing the expression of Livertine in the ventral diencephalon (vdi) and in the ciliary marginal zone (CMZ) of the retina. (D) Cross section through the posterior spinal cord of a stage -36 tadpole showing the presence of Livertine in the cells of the floor plate (fp) and in those of the dorsal neural tube (dnt). The notochord (n) is unlabeled. (E) Side view of the tail of a stage -30--32 embryo showing the expression of Livertine in the newly formed floor plate (fp), dorsal neural tube (dnt) and in the ventral fin (vf). Expression is also detected throughout the neural tube (nt) in the most posterior region, n: notocbord. (F) Side view of the trunk of a stage ~36 embryo showing the expression of Livertine in the mesenehymal cells of the dorsal fin (df). These cells are scattered throughout the fin. Note also the absence of expression in the floor plate (fp). Brackets denote the position of tissues behind the segmented somites, dnt, dorsal neural tube; n, notochord; nt, neural tube. (G) Side view of the hindbrain (hb) at larval stages (stage ,-40) showing expression of Livertine at rhombomere centers. Numbers denote rhombomeres. The dark spots anterior to rhombomere 1 and adjacent to rhombomere 6 are pigment cells. Scale bar: (A) 450#m; (B) 170/~m; (C,D) 50#m; (E,F) 70#m; (G) 540#m.