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pfn2xenopus anterior 

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Khadka DK et al. (2009) Assay

Non-redundant roles for Profilin2 and Profilin1 during vertebrate gastrulation.

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pfn2 xenopus NF stage 13 anterior

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  Fig. 2. Temporal and spatial expression pattern of XProfilin2. (A) XProfilin2 is expressed throughout Xenopus development as monitored by RT-PCR analysis; total extracted mRNA is shown as a loading control, −RT without reverse transcriptase. Quantitation of the relative RNA expression levels is shown below (B). The spatial expression pattern of XProfilin2 is dynamic with the highest level of expression refined to the neural fold and nervous system during neurula-stage embryo. Stages and views of the embryos are shown in each panel; AP = animal pole, DL = dorsal lip, NP = neural plate, NF = neural fold, BR = brain, EY = eye, and SC = spinal cord. No signal is detected using an XProfilin2 sense probe.