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sema5bxenopus midbrain [+] 

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Koestner U et al. (2008) Assay

Semaphorin and neuropilin expression during early morphogenesis of Xenopus laevis.

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sema5b.S laevis NF stage 32 midbrain

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  Figure 7. Semaphorins are expressed in close proximity to migrating cranial neural crest cells. In situ hybridization of tadpole-stage embryos; enlargements of the head are shown. Red arrows indicate migrating neural crest cells, white arrows indicate neurogenic placodes. A: Sema3A expression. Staining in the midbrain hindbrain boundary was confirmed by double in situ hybridization with engrailed (data not shown). B: Sema3C expression. C: Sema3D expression. D: Sema3F expression. Double in situ hybridization using Krox20 or engrailed antisense probes was used to confirm staining in the rhombomeres or the midbrain hindbrain boundary, respectively (data not shown and Q). E: Sema4A expression. F: Sema4B expression. G: Sema4C expression. H: Sema4G expression. I: Sema5B expression. K: Sema6A expression. L: Sema6B expression. M: Sema6D expression. N: Sema3A expression at early tadpole stage. O: Double in situ hybridization using a Sema3A (blue) and a twist (red) antisense probe at tadpole stage. Sema3A expression is localized posterior to the migrating twist-expressing neural crest cells (black arrow). P: For comparison twist expression at tadpole stage is shown. Q: Double in situ hybridization showing Sema3F (blue) expression adjacent to the anterior portion of the migrating Krox20-expressing (red) neural crest cells (black arrow). cg, cement gland; e, eye; mh, midbrain hindbrain boundary; op, otic placode; r3, rhombomere 3; r5, rhombomere 5.