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smad4.2xenopus endocardium [+] 

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The BMP pathway acts to directly regulate Tbx20 in the developing heart.

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smad4.2.L laevis NF stage 46 endocardium

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  Fig. 4. XTbx20 is expressed throughout the myocardium and endocardium of the X. laevis heart. (A,B) Tbx20 is expressed in both the anterior and posterior regions of the X. laevis stage 46 heart. (C-F) Immunohistochemistry of serial sections shows that Tbx20 expression overlaps with that of the myocardial marker tropomyosin (C,D) and with phospho-SMAD1/5/8 expression in the endocardium (E,F); anti-tropomyosin (Tm) staining is labeled green, anti-pSMAD1/5/8 is labeled red, and nuclei are labeled blue with DAPI. LA, left atrium; OFT, outflow tract; TA, truncus arteriosus; V, ventricle.