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Mamm Genome November 1, 1998; 9 (11): 874-80.
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Tctex3, related to Drosophila polycomblike, is expressed in male germ cells and mapped to the mouse t-complex.

Kawakami S , Mitsunaga K , Kikuti YY , Ando A , Inoko H , Yamamura K , Abe K .

Tctex3 showing restricted expression in male germ cells has been isolated during the process of chromosome walking in the mouse t-complex region. The total sequence of Tctex3 cDNA predicts a protein of 580 amino acids with two C4HC3 type PHD fingers. The region containing this conserved motif is shared among members of the Polycomblike proteins that include the mouse M96 and Drosophila Polycomblike. A partial cDNA for a human homolog of Tctex3, HUTEX3, has also been isolated. Mouse Tctex3 gene was mapped adjacent to Tsc2 gene on mouse Chromosome (Chr) 17, and HUTEX3 was located closely to HSET gene in the HLA class II region of chromosome 6.

PubMed ID: 9799836
Article link: Mamm Genome

Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: kifc1 tsc2