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Neural Dev 2009 Jan 05;4:1. doi: 10.1186/1749-8104-4-1.
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Xenopus NM23-X4 regulates retinal gliogenesis through interaction with p27Xic1.

Mochizuki T , Bilitou A , Waters CT , Hussain K , Zollo M , Ohnuma S .

In Xenopus retinogenesis, p27Xic1, a Xenopus cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor, functions as a cell fate determinant in both gliogenesis and neurogenesis in a context dependent manner. This activity is essential for co-ordination of determination and cell cycle regulation. However, very little is known about the mechanism regulating the context dependent choice between gliogenesis versus neurogenesis. We have identified NM23-X4, a NM23 family member, as a binding partner of p27Xic1. NM23-X4 is expressed at the periphery of the ciliary marginal zone of the Xenopus retina and the expression overlaps with p27Xic1 at the central side. Our in vivo functional analysis in Xenopus retina has shown that knockdown of NM23-X4 activates gliogenesis. Furthermore, co-overexpression of NM23-X4 with p27Xic1 results in the inhibition of p27Xic1-mediated gliogenesis, through direct interaction of NM23-X4 with the amino-terminal side of p27Xic1. This inhibitory effect on gliogenesis requires serine-150 and histidine-148, which correspond to the important residues for the kinase activities of NM23 family members. This study demonstrates that NM23-X4 functions as an inhibitor of p27Xic1-mediated gliogenesis in Xenopus retina and suggests that this activity contributes to the proper spatio-temporal regulation of gliogenesis.

PubMed ID: 19123928
PMC ID: PMC2647920
Article link: Neural Dev
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Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: calb1 cdkn1a cdkn1b cdknx isl1 nme2 nme3 nme4 nme5 nme6 nme7 nme9 odc1 rlbp1 znrd2
Antibodies: Calb1 Ab5 FLAG Ab1 Isl1/2 Ab1 Muller Glia Ab1 Rlbp1 Ab1

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