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Curr Biol February 3, 2004; 14 (3): 219-24.
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Kinesin II mediates Vg1 mRNA transport in Xenopus oocytes.

Betley JN , Heinrich B , Vernos I , Sardet C , Prodon F , Deshler JO .

The subcellular localization of specific mRNAs is a widespread mechanism for regulating gene expression. In Xenopus oocytes microtubules are required for localization of Vg1 mRNA to the vegetal cortex during the late RNA localization pathway. The factors that mediate microtubule-based RNA transport during the late pathway have been elusive. Here we show that heterotrimeric kinesin II becomes enriched at the vegetal cortex of stage III/IV Xenopus oocytes concomitant with the localization of endogenous Vg1 mRNA. In addition, expression of a dominant negative mutant peptide fragment or injection of a function-blocking antibody, both of which impair the function of heterotrimeric kinesin II, block localization of Vg1 mRNA. We also show that exogenous Vg1 RNA or Xcat-2, another RNA that can use the late pathway, recruits endogenous kinesin II to the vegetal pole and colocalizes with it at the cortex. These data support a model in which kinesin II mediates the transport of specific RNA complexes destined for the vegetal cortex.

PubMed ID: 14761654
Article link: Curr Biol

Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: gdf1 gdf3 kif3a kif3b
Antibodies: Kif3b Ab1

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