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Development July 1, 2015; 142 (13): 2352-63.
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BMP signalling controls the construction of vertebrate mucociliary epithelia.

Cibois M , Luxardi G , Chevalier B , Thomé V , Mercey O , Zaragosi LE , Barbry P , Pasini A , Marcet B , Kodjabachian L .

Despite the importance of mucociliary epithelia in animal physiology, the mechanisms controlling their establishment are poorly understood. Using the developing Xenopus epidermis and regenerating human upper airways, we reveal the importance of BMP signalling for the construction of vertebrate mucociliary epithelia. In Xenopus, attenuation of BMP activity is necessary for the specification of multiciliated cells (MCCs), ionocytes and small secretory cells (SSCs). Conversely, BMP activity is required for the proper differentiation of goblet cells. Our data suggest that the BMP and Notch pathways interact to control fate choices in the developing epidermis. Unexpectedly, BMP activity is also necessary for the insertion of MCCs, ionocytes and SSCs into the surface epithelium. In human, BMP inhibition also strongly stimulates the formation of MCCs in normal and pathological (cystic fibrosis) airway samples, whereas BMP overactivation has the opposite effect. This work identifies the BMP pathway as a key regulator of vertebrate mucociliary epithelium differentiation and morphogenesis.

PubMed ID: 26092849
Article link: Development

Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: atp6v1a bmp2 bmp4 bmp7.1 bmpr1a dag1 dll1 foxa1 foxi1 foxj1 h3-3a itln1 mcc mcidas nog notch1 otogl2 slc26a4.3 smad1 smad9 tgm1 tp63 tph1 trim29 tub tuba4b
GO keywords: Notch signaling pathway [+]
Antibodies: H3f3a Ab9 Smad1 Ab7 Tp63 Ab3 Tuba4b Ab4
Morpholinos: bmp2 MO1 bmp4 MO1 bmp7.2 MO1

Disease Ontology terms: cystic fibrosis

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