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Sci Rep August 7, 2018; 8 (1): 11836.
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The age-regulated zinc finger factor ZNF367 is a new modulator of neuroblast proliferation during embryonic neurogenesis.

Naef V , Monticelli S , Corsinovi D , Mazzetto MT , Cellerino A , Ori M .

Global population aging is one of the major social and economic challenges of contemporary society. During aging the progressive decline in physiological functions has serious consequences for all organs including brain. The age-related incidence of neurodegenerative diseases coincides with the sharp decline of the amount and functionality of adult neural stem cells. Recently, we identified a short list of brain age-regulated genes by means of next-generation sequencing. Among them znf367 codes for a transcription factor that represents a central node in gene co-regulation networks during aging, but whose function in the central nervous system (CNS), is completely unknown. As proof of concept, we analysed the role of znf367 during Xenopus laevis neurogenesis. By means of a gene loss of function approach limited to the CNS, we suggested that znf367 might act as a key controller of the neuroblast cell cycle, particularly in the progression of mitosis and spindle checkpoint. A candidate gene approach based on a weighted-gene co-expression network analysis, revealed fancd2 and ska3 as possible targets of znf367. The age-related decline of znf367 correlated well with its role during embryonic neurogenesis, opening new lines of investigation also in adult neurogenesis to improved maintenance and even repair of neuronal function.

PubMed ID: 30087422
PMC ID: PMC6081467
Article link: Sci Rep

Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: anln cby1 ccna2 ccnb1 cdknx cenpj cenpk ckap2l dlgap5 ect2 elavl3 elavl4 esco2 fancd2 fanci fbxo5 gen1 hmmr incenp iqgap3 kif15 kif18a kif2c kntc1 mcm4 mis18bp1 mki67 ncapg ncapg2 ncaph ndc80 net1 neurog1 pak3 pcna plk1 racgap1 rad51ap1 rax rpa1 ska3 slc12a3 smc2 sox2 ttk tubb2b znf367 znrd2
Morpholinos: znf367 MO1

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