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Dev Growth Differ December 1, 2019; 61 (9): 447-456.
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Cell type-specific transcriptome analysis unveils secreted signaling molecule genes expressed in apical epithelial cap during appendage regeneration.

Okumura A , Hayashi T , Ebisawa M , Yoshimura M , Sasagawa Y , Nikaido I , Umesono Y , Mochii M .

Wound epidermis (WE) and the apical epithelial cap (AEC) are believed to trigger regeneration of amputated appendages such as limb and tail in amphibians by producing certain secreted signaling molecules. To date, however, only limited information about the molecular signatures of these epidermal structures is available. Here we used a transgenic Xenopus laevis line harboring the enhanced green fluorescent protein (egfp) gene under control of an es1 gene regulatory sequence to isolate WE/AEC cells by performing fluorescence-activated cell sorting during the time course of tail regeneration (day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4 after amputation). Time-course transcriptome analysis of these isolated WE/AEC cells revealed that more than 8,000 genes, including genes involved in signaling pathways such as those of reactive oxygen species, fibroblast growth factor (FGF), canonical and non-canonical Wnt, transforming growth factor β (TGF β) and Notch, displayed dynamic changes of their expression during tail regeneration. Notably, this approach enabled us to newly identify seven secreted signaling molecule genes (mdk, fstl, slit1, tgfβ1, bmp7.1, angptl2 and egfl6) that are highly expressed in tail AEC cells. Among these genes, five (mdk, fstl, slit1, tgfβ1 and bmp7.1) were also highly expressed in limb AEC cells but the other two (angptl2 and egfl6) are specifically expressed in tail AEC cells. Interestingly, there was no expression of fgf8 in tail WE/AEC cells, whose expression and pivotal role in limb AEC cells have been reported previously. Thus, we identified common and different properties between tail and limb AEC cells.

PubMed ID: 31713234
Article link: Dev Growth Differ
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Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: bmp7.1 fgf8 mdk notch1 shh slit1
GO keywords: regeneration

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