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Screening of Chemical Libraries Using Xenopus Embryos and Tadpoles for Phenotypic Drug Discovery., Gull M, Schmitt SM, Kälin RE, Brändli AW., Cold Spring Harb Protoc. September 30, 2022;

Site-Specific Fluorescent Labeling of the Cysteine-Rich Toxin, DkTx, for TRPV1 Ion Channel Imaging and Membrane Binding Studies., Sarkar D, Mishra S, Nisal R, Majhi S, Shrivas R, Singh Y, Anusree VS, Kalia J., Bioconjug Chem. September 21, 2022; 33 (9): 1761-1770.

SNAP- and Halo-tagging and dye introduction protocol for live microscopy in Xenopus embryos., Dudley CE, van den Goor L, Miller AL., STAR Protoc. September 16, 2022; 3 (3): 101622.

Signal amplification in growth cone gradient sensing by a double negative feedback loop among PTEN, PI(3,4,5)P3 and actomyosin., Li X, Shim S, Hardin KR, Vanaja KG, Song H, Levchenko A, Ming GL, Zheng JQ., Mol Cell Neurosci. August 31, 2022; 123 103772.

Somatic GJA4 gain-of-function mutation in orbital cavernous venous malformations., Hongo H, Miyawaki S, Teranishi Y, Mitsui J, Katoh H, Komura D, Tsubota K, Matsukawa T, Watanabe M, Kurita M, Yoshimura J, Dofuku S, Ohara K, Ishigami D, Okano A, Kato M, Hakuno F, Takahashi A, Kunita A, Ishiura H, Shin M, Nakatomi H, Nagao T, Goto H, Takahashi SI, Ushiku T, Ishikawa S, Okazaki M, Morishita S, Tsuji S, Saito N., Angiogenesis. July 29, 2022;

Stiffness estimation of transversely anisotropic materials using a novel indentation tester with a rectangular hole., Tamura A, Saiki M, Hongu JI, Matsumoto T., Comput Methods Biomech Biomed Engin. July 14, 2022; 1-12.

Short and long term effects of chlorpyrifos on thyroid hormone axis and brain development in Xenopus laevis., Spirhanzlova P, Couderq S, Le Mével S, Leemans M, Krief S, Mughal BB, Demeneix B, Fini JB., Neuroendocrinology. June 24, 2022;

Sequencing of laser captured Z and W chromosomes of the tocantins paradoxical frog (Pseudis tocantins) provides insights on repeatome and chromosomal homology., Gatto KP, Timoshevskaya N, Smith JJ, Lourenço LB., J Evol Biol. June 1, 2022;

Synuclein Analysis in Adult Xenopus laevis., Bonaccorsi di Patti MC, Angiulli E, Casini A, Vaccaro R, Cioni C, Toni M., Int J Mol Sci. May 27, 2022; 23 (11):

Sequence of chondrocranial development in basal anurans-Let''s make a cranium., Lukas P, Ziermann JM., Front Zool. May 3, 2022; 19 (1): 17.  

Single-Hit Inactivation Drove Tumor Suppressor Genes Out of the X Chromosome during Evolution., Wang X, Hu W, Li X, Huang D, Li Q, Chan H, Zeng J, Xie C, Chen H, Liu X, Gin T, Wang MH, Cheng ASL, Kang W, To KF, Plewczynski D, Zhang Q, Chen X, Chan DCW, Ko H, Wong SH, Yu J, Chan MTV, Zhang L, Wu WKK., Cancer Res. April 15, 2022; 82 (8): 1482-1491.

Subchronic Toxicity of Microcystin-LR on Young Frogs (Xenopus laevis) and Their Gut Microbiota., Li J, Sun H, Wang C, Li S, Cai Y., Front Microbiol. April 14, 2022; 13 895383.

So, you want to create a frog cell line? A guide to establishing frog skin cell lines from tissue explants., Bui-Marinos MP, Todd LA, Douglas AJ, Katzenback BA., MethodsX. April 8, 2022; 9 101693.

Structures of highly flexible intracellular domain of human α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor., Bondarenko V, Wells MM, Chen Q, Tillman TS, Singewald K, Lawless MJ, Caporoso J, Brandon N, Coleman JA, Saxena S, Lindahl E, Xu Y, Tang P., Nat Commun. February 10, 2022; 13 (1): 793.

Sex pheromone receptors of the light brown apple moth, Epiphyas postvittana, support a second major pheromone receptor clade within the Lepidoptera., Yuvaraj JK, Jordan MD, Zhang DD, Andersson MN, Löfstedt C, Newcomb RD, Corcoran JA., Insect Biochem Mol Biol. February 1, 2022; 141 103708.

SLC23A3 is a renal hypoxanthine transporter., Hosoyamada M, Tomioka NH, Watanabe T, Yasuno N, Uchida S, Shibata S., Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids. January 30, 2022; 1-8.

Systematic mapping of rRNA 2''-O methylation during frog development and involvement of the methyltransferase Fibrillarin in eye and craniofacial development in Xenopus laevis., Delhermite J, Tafforeau L, Sharma S, Marchand V, Wacheul L, Lattuca R, Desiderio S, Motorin Y, Bellefroid E, Lafontaine DLJ., PLoS Genet. January 18, 2022; 18 (1): e1010012.                                                              

SCF Ligases and Their Functions in Oogenesis and Embryogenesis-Summary of the Most Important Findings throughout the Animal Kingdom., Kinterová V, Kaňka J, Bartková A, Toralová T., Cells. January 11, 2022; 11 (2):

Structural determinants of TRPV4 inhibition and identification of new antagonists with antiviral activity., Doñate-Macian P, Duarte Y, Rubio-Moscardo F, Pérez-Vilaró G, Canan J, Díez J, González-Nilo F, Valverde MA., Br J Pharmacol. January 1, 2022; 179 (14): 3576-3591.

Sub-lethal exposure to malaria vector control pesticides causes alterations in liver metabolomics and behaviour of the African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis)., Wolmarans NJ, Bervoets L, Meire P, Wepener V., Comp Biochem Physiol C Toxicol Pharmacol. January 1, 2022; 251 109173.  

Structural mechanism underlying the differential effects of ivermectin and moxidectin on the C. elegans glutamate-gated chloride channel GLC-2., Kaji MD, Noonan JD, Geary TG, Beech RN., Biomed Pharmacother. January 1, 2022; 145 112380.

Sperm associated antigen 7 is activated by T3 during Xenopus tropicalis metamorphosis via a thyroid hormone response element within the first intron., Fu L, Crawford L, Tong A, Luu N, Tanizaki Y, Shi YB., Dev Growth Differ. January 1, 2022; 64 (1): 48-58.

Structural Mechanics of the Alpha-2-Macroglobulin Transformation., Arimura Y, Funabiki H., J Mol Biol. January 1, 2022; 434 (5): 167413.

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Immuno-SEM of Nuclear Pore Complexes from Amphibian Oocytes, Mammalian Cell Cultures, Yeast, and Plants., Goldberg MW, Fišerová J., Methods Mol Biol. January 1, 2022; 2502 417-437.

Spectrum of Phenotypic, Genetic, and Functional Characteristics in Patients With Epilepsy With KCNC2 Pathogenic Variants., Schwarz N, Seiffert S, Pendziwiat M, Rademacher AV, Brünger T, Hedrich UBS, Augustijn PB, Baier H, Bayat A, Bisulli F, Buono RJ, Bruria BZ, Doyle MG, Guerrini R, Heimer G, Iacomino M, Kearney H, Klein KM, Kousiappa I, Kunz WS, Lerche H, Licchetta L, Lohmann E, Minardi R, McDonald M, Montgomery S, Mulahasanovic L, Oegema R, Ortal B, Papacostas SS, Ragona F, Granata T, Reif PS, Rosenow F, Rothschild A, Scudieri P, Striano P, Tinuper P, Tanteles GA, Vetro A, Zahnert F, Goldberg EM, Zara F, Lal D, May P, Muhle H, Helbig I, Weber Y., Neurology. January 1, 2022; 98 (20): e2046-e2059.

Sequence analysis and function of mosquito aeCCC2 and Drosophila Ncc83 orthologs., Duong PC, McCabe TC, Riley GF, Holmes HL, Piermarini PM, Romero MF, Gillen CM., Insect Biochem Mol Biol. January 1, 2022; 143 103729.

Subtype-specific responses of hKv7.4 and hKv7.5 channels to polyunsaturated fatty acids reveal an unconventional modulatory site and mechanism., Frampton DJA, Choudhury K, Nikesjö J, Delemotte L, Liin SI., Elife. January 1, 2022; 11

Structure of the cytoplasmic ring of the Xenopus laevis nuclear pore complex., Zhu X, Huang G, Zeng C, Zhan X, Liang K, Xu Q, Zhao Y, Wang P, Wang Q, Zhou Q, Tao Q, Liu M, Lei J, Yan C, Shi Y., Science. January 1, 2022; 376 (6598): eabl8280.

Structure of cytoplasmic ring of nuclear pore complex by integrative cryo-EM and AlphaFold., Fontana P, Dong Y, Pi X, Tong AB, Hecksel CW, Wang L, Fu TM, Bustamante C, Wu H., Science. January 1, 2022; 376 (6598): eabm9326.

Structural and electrophysiological basis for the modulation of KCNQ1 channel currents by ML277., Willegems K, Eldstrom J, Kyriakis E, Ataei F, Sahakyan H, Dou Y, Russo S, Van Petegem F, Fedida D., Nat Commun. January 1, 2022; 13 (1): 3760.

Structure of CRL2Lrr1, the E3 ubiquitin ligase that promotes DNA replication termination in vertebrates., Zhou H, Zaher MS, Walter JC, Brown A., Nucleic Acids Res. December 16, 2021; 49 (22): 13194-13206.          

Structure-based screening combined with computational and biochemical analyses identified the inhibitor targeting the binding of DNA Ligase 1 to UHRF1., Kori S, Shibahashi Y, Ekimoto T, Nishiyama A, Yoshimi S, Yamaguchi K, Nagatoishi S, Ohta M, Tsumoto K, Nakanishi M, Defossez PA, Ikeguchi M, Arita K., Bioorg Med Chem. December 15, 2021; 52 116500.  

Spinal Cord Transection In Xenopus laevis Tadpoles., Slater PG, Larraín J., J Vis Exp. December 10, 2021; (178):

Stable lariats bearing a snoRNA (slb-snoRNA) in eukaryotic cells: A level of regulation for guide RNAs., Talross GJS, Deryusheva S, Gall JG., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. November 9, 2021; 118 (45):

Structural basis of chromatin regulation by histone variant H2A.Z., Lewis TS, Sokolova V, Jung H, Ng H, Tan D., Nucleic Acids Res. November 8, 2021; 49 (19): 11379-11391.

Structural features of nucleosomes in interphase and metaphase chromosomes., Arimura Y, Shih RM, Froom R, Funabiki H., Mol Cell. November 4, 2021; 81 (21): 4377-4397.e12.  

Structural Changes during the Photorepair and Binding Processes of Xenopus (6-4) Photolyase with (6-4) Photoproducts in Single- and Double-Stranded DNA., Yamada D, Yamamoto J, Getzoff ED, Iwata T, Kandori H., Biochemistry. November 2, 2021; 60 (43): 3253-3261.

SnoRNA guide activities: real and ambiguous., Deryusheva S, Talross GJS, Gall JG., RNA. November 1, 2021; 27 (11): 1363-1373.

Sperm MMP-2 is indispensable for fast electrical block to polyspermy at fertilization in Xenopus tropicalis., Watabe M, Hiraiwa A, Sakai M, Ueno T, Ueno S, Nakajima K, Yaoita Y, Iwao Y., Mol Reprod Dev. November 1, 2021; 88 (11): 744-757.

Structural basis of gating modulation of Kv4 channel complexes., Kise Y, Kasuya G, Okamoto HH, Yamanouchi D, Kobayashi K, Kusakizako T, Nishizawa T, Nakajo K, Nureki O., Nature. November 1, 2021; 599 (7883): 158-164.

Structural basis for high selectivity of a rice silicon channel Lsi1., Saitoh Y, Mitani-Ueno N, Saito K, Matsuki K, Huang S, Yang L, Yamaji N, Ishikita H, Shen JR, Ma JF, Suga M., Nat Commun. October 29, 2021; 12 (1): 6236.

Snapin Specifically Up-Regulates Cav1.3 Ca2+ Channel Variant with a Long Carboxyl Terminus., Jeong S, Rhee JS, Lee JH., Int J Mol Sci. October 19, 2021; 22 (20):

Sodium-calcium exchanger mediates sensory-evoked glial calcium transients in the developing retinotectal system., Benfey NJ, Li VJ, Schohl A, Ruthazer ES., Cell Rep. October 5, 2021; 37 (1): 109791.                      

Spatiotemporal development of coexisting wave domains of Rho activity in the cell cortex., Hladyshau S, Kho M, Nie S, Tsygankov D., Sci Rep. September 30, 2021; 11 (1): 19512.              

SUMOylation Potentiates ZIC Protein Activity to Influence Murine Neural Crest Cell Specification., Bellchambers HM, Barratt KS, Diamand KEM, Arkell RM., Int J Mol Sci. September 28, 2021; 22 (19):

Stigmasterol can be new steroidal drug for neurological disorders: Evidence of the GABAergic mechanism via receptor modulation., Karim N, Khan I, Abdelhalim A, Halim SA, Khan A, Al-Harrasi A., Phytomedicine. September 1, 2021; 90 153646.

Single-minded 2 is required for left-right asymmetric stomach morphogenesis., Wyatt BH, Amin NM, Bagley K, Wcisel DJ, Dush MK, Yoder JA, Nascone-Yoder NM., Development. September 1, 2021; 148 (17):                 

Sex chromosome degeneration, turnover, and sex-biased expression of sex-linked transcripts in African clawed frogs (Xenopus)., Song XY, Furman BLS, Premachandra T, Knytl M, Cauret CMS, Wasonga DV, Measey J, Dworkin I, Evans BJ., Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. August 30, 2021; 376 (1832): 20200095.

Stable desensitization of α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by NS6740 requires interaction with S36 in the orthosteric agonist binding site., Pismataro MC, Horenstein NA, Stokes C, Dallanoce C, Thakur GA, Papke RL., Eur J Pharmacol. August 15, 2021; 905 174179.

Stapled, Long-Acting Xenopus GLP-1-Based Dual GLP-1/Glucagon Receptor Agonists with Potent Therapeutic Efficacy for Metabolic Disease., Han C, Sun Y, Yang Q, Zhou F, Chen X, Wu L, Sun L, Han J., Mol Pharm. August 2, 2021; 18 (8): 2906-2923.

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