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Xla Wt + fn1 MO, Kenny AP et al. (2012)

Experiment + Assay: Xla Wt + fn1 MO + NF35/36 (in situ hybridization)
Background: Xla.Outbred
Manipulation Type Reagent Target Gene Stage Treatment Area
morpholino injection fn1 MO1 fn1.S
NF stage 5 (16-cell) blastomere
morpholino injection fn1 MO2 fn1.L
NF stage 5 (16-cell) blastomere
Assay Type Assay Stages Antibody
in situ hybridization NF stage 35 and 36  
Anatomical Phenotypes: abnormal incomplete closing of the neural tube , abnormally split primary heart field
Expression Phenotypes (1):
decreased amount nr1h5.L expression in liver primordium
Source: fig.S6
Article: XB-ART-45729, PubMed