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Quantification of the effect of site-specific histone acetylation on chromatin transcription rate., Wakamori M, Okabe K, Ura K, Funatsu T, Takinoue M, Umehara T., Nucleic Acids Res. January 1, 2020; 48 (22): 12648-12659.          

Claspin - checkpoint adaptor and DNA replication factor., Smits VAJ, Cabrera E, Freire R, Gillespie DA., FEBS J. January 1, 2019; 286 (3): 441-455.

APE2 promotes DNA damage response pathway from a single-strand break., Lin Y, Bai L, Cupello S, Hossain MA, Deem B, McLeod M, Raj J, Yan S., Nucleic Acids Res. January 1, 2018; 46 (5): 2479-2494.                

A twist defect mechanism for ATP-dependent translocation of nucleosomal DNA., Winger J, Nodelman IM, Levendosky RF, Bowman GD., Elife. January 1, 2018; 7                                   

Digital dissection of the model organism Xenopus laevis using contrast-enhanced computed tomography., Porro LB, Richards CT., J Anat. August 1, 2017; 231 (2): 169-191.                        

Complicated behavior of G-quadruplexes and evaluating G-quadruplexes'' ligands in various systems mimicking cellular circumstance., Wang SK, Su HF, Gu YC, Lin SL, Tan JH, Huang ZS, Ou TM., Biochem Biophys Rep. March 1, 2016; 5 439-447.              

Crystal structure of the DNA binding domain of the transcription factor T-bet suggests simultaneous recognition of distant genome sites., Liu CF, Brandt GS, Hoang QQ, Naumova N, Lazarevic V, Hwang ES, Dekker J, Glimcher LH, Ringe D, Petsko GA., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. January 1, 2016; 113 (43): E6572-E6581.            

Indirubin derivatives modulate TGFβ/BMP signaling at different levels and trigger ubiquitin-mediated depletion of nonactivated R-Smads., Cheng X, Alborzinia H, Merz KH, Steinbeisser H, Mrowka R, Scholl C, Kitanovic I, Eisenbrand G, Wölfl S., Chem Biol. November 21, 2012; 19 (11): 1423-36.

Signaling crosstalk between TGFβ and Dishevelled/Par1b., Mamidi A, Inui M, Manfrin A, Soligo S, Enzo E, Aragona M, Cordenonsi M, Wessely O, Dupont S, Piccolo S., Cell Death Differ. October 1, 2012; 19 (10): 1689-97.                    

The Lin28 cold-shock domain remodels pre-let-7 microRNA., Mayr F, Schütz A, Döge N, Heinemann U., Nucleic Acids Res. August 1, 2012; 40 (15): 7492-506.            

Overlapping cardiac phenotype associated with a familial mutation in the voltage sensor of the KCNQ1 channel., Henrion U, Zumhagen S, Steinke K, Strutz-Seebohm N, Stallmeyer B, Lang F, Schulze-Bahr E, Seebohm G., Cell Physiol Biochem. January 1, 2012; 29 (5-6): 809-18.

FAM/USP9x, a deubiquitinating enzyme essential for TGFbeta signaling, controls Smad4 monoubiquitination., Dupont S, Mamidi A, Cordenonsi M, Montagner M, Zacchigna L, Adorno M, Martello G, Stinchfield MJ, Soligo S, Morsut L, Inui M, Moro S, Modena N, Argenton F, Newfeld SJ, Piccolo S., Cell. January 9, 2009; 136 (1): 123-35.  

Synthesis of biologically active fibroblast-activating factor (FAF) by xenopus oocytes injected with T lymphocyte mRNA., Agelli M, Wahl SM., Cell Immunol. November 1, 1987; 110 (1): 183-90.

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