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Localized and inducible expression of Xenopus-posterior (Xpo), a novel gene active in early frog embryos, encoding a protein with a ''CCHC'' finger domain., Sato SM, Sargent TD., Development. July 1, 1991; 112 (3): 747-53.            

Retroviral-type zinc fingers and glycine-rich repeats in a protein encoded by cnjB, a Tetrahymena gene active during meiosis., Taylor FM, Martindale DW., Nucleic Acids Res. September 25, 1993; 21 (19): 4610-4.

Cellular nucleic acid binding protein binds a conserved region of the 5'' UTR of Xenopus laevis ribosomal protein mRNAs., Pellizzoni L, Lotti F, Maras B, Pierandrei-Amaldi P., J Mol Biol. March 28, 1997; 267 (2): 264-75.

Nuclear membrane vesicle targeting to chromatin in a Drosophila embryo cell-free system., Ulitzur N, Harel A, Goldberg M, Feinstein N, Gruenbaum Y., Mol Biol Cell. August 1, 1997; 8 (8): 1439-48.

Characterization of cellular nucleic acid binding protein from Xenopus laevis: expression in all three germ layers during early development., Flink IL, Blitz I, Morkin E., Dev Dyn. February 1, 1998; 211 (2): 123-30.  

Involvement of the Xenopus laevis Ro60 autoantigen in the alternative interaction of La and CNBP proteins with the 5''UTR of L4 ribosomal protein mRNA., Pellizzoni L, Lotti F, Rutjes SA, Pierandrei-Amaldi P., J Mol Biol. August 28, 1998; 281 (4): 593-608.

cDNA cloning and developmental expression of cellular nucleic acid-binding protein (CNBP) gene in Xenopus laevis., De Dominicis A, Lotti F, Pierandrei-Amaldi P, Cardinali B., Gene. January 4, 2000; 241 (1): 35-43.

Novel CNBP- and La-based translation control systems for mammalian cells., Schlatter S, Fussenegger M., Biotechnol Bioeng. January 5, 2003; 81 (1): 1-12.

"Optical patch-clamping": single-channel recording by imaging Ca2+ flux through individual muscle acetylcholine receptor channels., Demuro A, Parker I., J Gen Physiol. September 1, 2005; 126 (3): 179-92.                    

Cellular nucleic acid binding protein binds G-rich single-stranded nucleic acids and may function as a nucleic acid chaperone., Armas P, Nasif S, Calcaterra NB., J Cell Biochem. February 15, 2008; 103 (3): 1013-36.

Dissecting CNBP, a zinc-finger protein required for neural crest development, in its structural and functional domains., Armas P, Agüero TH, Borgognone M, Aybar MJ, Calcaterra NB., J Mol Biol. October 17, 2008; 382 (4): 1043-56.

CNBP: a multifunctional nucleic acid chaperone involved in cell death and proliferation control., Calcaterra NB, Armas P, Weiner AM, Borgognone M., IUBMB Life. October 1, 2010; 62 (10): 707-14.

Dominantly inherited myotonia congenita resulting from a mutation that increases open probability of the muscle chloride channel CLC-1., Richman DP, Yu Y, Lee TT, Tseng PY, Yu WP, Maselli RA, Tang CY, Chen TY., Neuromolecular Med. December 1, 2012; 14 (4): 328-37.

CNBP modulates the transcription of Wnt signaling pathway components., Margarit E, Armas P, García Siburu N, Calcaterra NB., Biochim Biophys Acta. November 1, 2014; 1839 (11): 1151-60.

Splicing misregulation of SCN5A contributes to cardiac-conduction delay and heart arrhythmia in myotonic dystrophy., Freyermuth F, Rau F, Kokunai Y, Linke T, Sellier C, Nakamori M, Kino Y, Arandel L, Jollet A, Thibault C, Philipps M, Vicaire S, Jost B, Udd B, Day JW, Duboc D, Wahbi K, Matsumura T, Fujimura H, Mochizuki H, Deryckere F, Kimura T, Nukina N, Ishiura S, Lacroix V, Campan-Fournier A, Navratil V, Chautard E, Auboeuf D, Horie M, Imoto K, Lee KY, Swanson MS, de Munain AL, Inada S, Itoh H, Nakazawa K, Ashihara T, Wang E, Zimmer T, Furling D, Takahashi MP, Charlet-Berguerand N., Nat Commun. April 11, 2016; 7 11067.              

Influenza D virus M2 protein exhibits ion channel activity in Xenopus laevis oocytes., Kesinger E, Liu J, Jensen A, Chia CP, Demers A, Moriyama H., PLoS One. January 1, 2018; 13 (6): e0199227.            

Mechanosensitivity is an essential component of phototransduction in vertebrate rods., Bocchero U, Falleroni F, Mortal S, Li Y, Cojoc D, Lamb T, Torre V., PLoS Biol. January 1, 2020; 18 (7): e3000750.                                  

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