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Papers associated with c2orf49

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Ashwin Gene Expression Profiles in Oocytes, Preimplantation Embryos, and Fetal and Adult Bovine Tissues., Moreno-Brito V, Morales-Adame D, Soto-Orduño E, González-Chávez SA, Pacheco-Tena C, Espino-Solis GP, Leal-Berumen I, González-Rodríguez E., Animals (Basel). February 11, 2020; 10 (2):         

Identification of microRNAs and microRNA targets in Xenopus gastrulae: The role of miR-26 in the regulation of Smad1., Liu C, Lou CH, Shah V, Ritter R, Talley J, Soibam B, Benham A, Zhu H, Perez E, Shieh YE, Gunaratne PH, Sater AK., Dev Biol. January 1, 2016; 409 (1): 26-38.                

Novel gene ashwin functions in Xenopus cell survival and anteroposterior patterning., Patil SS, Alexander TB, Uzman JA, Lou CH, Gohil H, Sater AK., Dev Dyn. July 1, 2006; 235 (7): 1895-907.                            

Presynaptic localization of sodium/calcium exchangers in neuromuscular preparations., Luther PW, Yip RK, Bloch RJ, Ambesi A, Lindenmayer GE, Blaustein MP., J Neurosci. December 1, 1992; 12 (12): 4898-904.          

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