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Gating charge displacement in a monomeric voltage-gated proton (Hv1) channel., Carmona EM, Larsson HP, Neely A, Alvarez O, Latorre R, Gonzalez C., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. January 1, 2018; 115 (37): 9240-9245.

Post-translational cleavage of Hv1 in human sperm tunes pH- and voltage-dependent gating., Berger TK, Fußhöller DM, Goodwin N, Bönigk W, Müller A, Dokani Khesroshahi N, Brenker C, Wachten D, Krause E, Kaupp UB, Strünker T., J Physiol. January 1, 2017; 595 (5): 1533-1546.

Photocontrol of the Hv1 Proton Channel., Rennhack A, Grahn E, Kaupp UB, Berger TK., ACS Chem Biol. January 1, 2017; 12 (12): 2952-2957.

Currents through Hv1 channels deplete protons in their vicinity., De-la-Rosa V, Suárez-Delgado E, Rangel-Yescas GE, Islas LD., J Gen Physiol. February 1, 2016; 147 (2): 127-36.              

The Hv1 proton channel responds to mechanical stimuli., Pathak MM, Tran T, Hong L, Joós B, Morris CE, Tombola F., J Gen Physiol. January 1, 2016; 148 (5): 405-418.              

Molecular mechanism of Zn2+ inhibition of a voltage-gated proton channel., Qiu F, Chamberlin A, Watkins BM, Ionescu A, Perez ME, Barro-Soria R, González C, Noskov SY, Larsson HP., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. January 1, 2016; 113 (40): E5962-E5971.

Molecular determinants of Hv1 proton channel inhibition by guanidine derivatives., Hong L, Kim IH, Tombola F., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. July 8, 2014; 111 (27): 9971-6.

Molecular mechanism of voltage sensing in voltage-gated proton channels., Gonzalez C, Rebolledo S, Perez ME, Larsson HP., J Gen Physiol. March 1, 2013; 141 (3): 275-85.              

Subunit interactions during cooperative opening of voltage-gated proton channels., Qiu F, Rebolledo S, Gonzalez C, Larsson HP., Neuron. January 23, 2013; 77 (2): 288-98.

Voltage-sensing domain of voltage-gated proton channel Hv1 shares mechanism of block with pore domains., Hong L, Pathak MM, Kim IH, Ta D, Tombola F., Neuron. January 23, 2013; 77 (2): 274-87.

The pore of the voltage-gated proton channel., Berger TK, Isacoff EY., Neuron. December 22, 2011; 72 (6): 991-1000.

The opening of the two pores of the Hv1 voltage-gated proton channel is tuned by cooperativity., Tombola F, Ulbrich MH, Kohout SC, Isacoff EY., Nat Struct Mol Biol. January 1, 2010; 17 (1): 44-50.          

Multimeric nature of voltage-gated proton channels., Koch HP, Kurokawa T, Okochi Y, Sasaki M, Okamura Y, Larsson HP., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. July 1, 2008; 105 (26): 9111-6.

The voltage-gated proton channel Hv1 has two pores, each controlled by one voltage sensor., Tombola F, Ulbrich MH, Isacoff EY., Neuron. May 22, 2008; 58 (4): 546-56.

Portability of paddle motif function and pharmacology in voltage sensors., Alabi AA, Bahamonde MI, Jung HJ, Kim JI, Swartz KJ., Nature. November 15, 2007; 450 (7168): 370-5.

Unique residues on the H2A.Z containing nucleosome surface are important for Xenopus laevis development., Ridgway P, Brown KD, Rangasamy D, Svensson U, Tremethick DJ., J Biol Chem. October 15, 2004; 279 (42): 43815-20.          

H2A.ZI, a new variant histone expressed during Xenopus early development exhibits several distinct features from the core histone H2A., Iouzalen N, Moreau J, Méchali M., Nucleic Acids Res. October 15, 1996; 24 (20): 3947-52.        

Molecular cloning and characterization of the platelet-activating factor receptor gene expressed in the human heart., Sugimoto T, Tsuchimochi H, McGregor CG, Mutoh H, Shimizu T, Kurachi Y., Biochem Biophys Res Commun. December 15, 1992; 189 (2): 617-24.

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