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Dusp1 modulates activin/smad2 mediated germ layer specification via FGF signal inhibition in Xenopus embryos., Umair Z, Kumar S, Rafiq K, Kumar V, Reman ZU, Lee SH, Kim S, Lee JY, Lee U, Kim J., Anim Cells Syst (Seoul). November 27, 2020; 24 (6): 359-370.            

Activation of p42 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK), but not c-Jun NH(2)-terminal kinase, induces phosphorylation and stabilization of MAPK phosphatase XCL100 in Xenopus oocytes., Sohaskey ML, Ferrell JE., Mol Biol Cell. February 1, 2002; 13 (2): 454-68.

A role for mitogen-activated protein kinase in the spindle assembly checkpoint in XTC cells., Wang XM, Zhai Y, Ferrell JE., J Cell Biol. April 21, 1997; 137 (2): 433-43.        

XCL100, an inducible nuclear MAP kinase phosphatase from Xenopus laevis: its role in MAP kinase inactivation in differentiated cells and its expression during early development., Lewis T, Groom LA, Sneddon AA, Smythe C, Keyse SM., J Cell Sci. August 1, 1995; 108 ( Pt 8) 2885-96.

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