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CRISPR/Cas9 mediated knockout of rb1 and rbl1 leads to rapid and penetrant retinoblastoma development in Xenopus tropicalis., Naert T, Colpaert R, Van Nieuwenhuysen T, Dimitrakopoulou D, Leoen J, Haustraete J, Boel A, Steyaert W, Lepez T, Deforce D, Willaert A, Creytens D, Vleminckx K, Vleminckx K., Sci Rep. January 1, 2016; 6 35264.                          

Characterization of the Src/Abl hybrid kinase SmTK6 of Schistosoma mansoni., Beckmann S, Hahnel S, Cailliau K, Vanderstraete M, Browaeys E, Dissous C, Grevelding CG., J Biol Chem. December 9, 2011; 286 (49): 42325-42336.

Contribution of casein kinase 2 and spleen tyrosine kinase to CFTR trafficking and protein kinase A-induced activity., Luz S, Kongsuphol P, Mendes AI, Romeiras F, Sousa M, Schreiber R, Matos P, Jordan P, Mehta A, Amaral MD, Kunzelmann K, Farinha CM., Mol Cell Biol. November 1, 2011; 31 (22): 4392-404.

The Syk kinase SmTK4 of Schistosoma mansoni is involved in the regulation of spermatogenesis and oogenesis., Beckmann S, Buro C, Dissous C, Hirzmann J, Grevelding CG., PLoS Pathog. February 12, 2010; 6 (2): e1000769.              

A novel erythroid anion exchange variant (Gly796Arg) of hereditary stomatocytosis associated with dyserythropoiesis., Iolascon A, De Falco L, Borgese F, Esposito MR, Avvisati RA, Izzo P, Piscopo C, Guizouarn H, Biondani A, Pantaleo A, De Franceschi L., Haematologica. August 1, 2009; 94 (8): 1049-59.

Xenopus laevis occludin. Identification of in vitro phosphorylation sites by protein kinase CK2 and association with cingulin., Cordenonsi M, Turco F, D'atri F, Hammar E, Martinucci G, Meggio F, Citi S., Eur J Biochem. September 1, 1999; 264 (2): 374-84.

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