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Dehydration stress alters the mitogen-activated-protein kinase signaling and chaperone stress response in Xenopus laevis., Wu CW, Tessier SN, Storey KB., Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol. August 1, 2020; 246-247 110461.

Recovery of the Xenopus laevis heart from ROS-induced stress utilizes conserved pathways of cardiac regeneration., Jewhurst K, McLaughlin KA., Dev Growth Differ. April 1, 2019; 61 (3): 212-227.              

The regulation of heat shock proteins in response to dehydration in Xenopus laevis., Luu BE, Wijenayake S, Malik AI, Storey KB., Cell Stress Chaperones. January 1, 2018; 23 (1): 45-53.

Cytosolic calcium transients are a determinant of contraction-induced HSP72 transcription in single skeletal muscle fibers., Stary CM, Hogan MC., J Appl Physiol (1985). January 1, 2016; 120 (10): 1260-6.

An in vivo screen to identify candidate neurogenic genes in the developing Xenopus visual system., Bestman JE, Huang LC, Lee-Osbourne J, Cheung P, Cline HT., Dev Biol. December 15, 2015; 408 (2): 269-91.                    

Early, nonciliary role for microtubule proteins in left-right patterning is conserved across kingdoms., Lobikin M, Wang G, Xu J, Hsieh YW, Chuang CF, Lemire JM, Levin M., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. July 31, 2012; 109 (31): 12586-91.                    

Elevation in heat shock protein 72 mRNA following contractions in isolated single skeletal muscle fibers., Stary CM, Walsh BJ, Knapp AE, Brafman D, Hogan MC., Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. August 1, 2008; 295 (2): R642-8.

Identification of genes associated with regenerative success of Xenopus laevis hindlimbs., Pearl EJ, Barker D, Day RC, Beck CW., BMC Dev Biol. July 28, 2008; 8 66.              

Differential subcellular sequestration of proapoptotic and antiapoptotic proteins and colocalization of Bcl-x(L) with the germ plasm, in Xenopus laevis oocytes., Kloc M, Shirato Y, Bilinski S, Browder LW, Johnston J., Genesis. August 1, 2007; 45 (8): 523-31.          

Xenopus cDNA microarray identification of genes with endodermal organ expression., Park EC, Hayata T, Cho KW, Han JK., Dev Dyn. June 1, 2007; 236 (6): 1633-49.                    

Genetic basis of phenotypic plasticity for predator-induced morphological defenses in anuran tadpole, Rana pirica, using cDNA subtraction and microarray analysis., Mori T, Hiraka I, Kurata Y, Kawachi H, Kishida O, Nishimura K., Biochem Biophys Res Commun. May 20, 2005; 330 (4): 1138-45.

Events upstream of mitochondrial protein import limit the oxidative capacity of fibroblasts in multiple mitochondrial disease., Rungi AA, Primeau A, Nunes Christie L, Gordon JW, Robinson BH, Hood DA., Biochim Biophys Acta. March 16, 2002; 1586 (2): 146-54.

Specific association of a set of molecular chaperones including HSP90 and Cdc37 with MOK, a member of the mitogen-activated protein kinase superfamily., Miyata Y, Ikawa Y, Shibuya M, Nishida E., J Biol Chem. June 15, 2001; 276 (24): 21841-8.

Origin of gene overlap: the case of TCP1 and ACAT2., Shintani S, O'hUigin C, Toyosawa S, Michalová V, Klein J., Genetics. June 1, 1999; 152 (2): 743-54.

Novel AE1 mutations in recessive distal renal tubular acidosis. Loss-of-function is rescued by glycophorin A., Tanphaichitr VS, Sumboonnanonda A, Ideguchi H, Shayakul C, Brugnara C, Takao M, Veerakul G, Alper SL., J Clin Invest. December 15, 1998; 102 (12): 2173-9.

The human P2X4 receptor gene is alternatively spliced., Dhulipala PD, Wang YX, Kotlikoff MI., Gene. January 30, 1998; 207 (2): 259-66.

Chaperonin-mediated folding in the eukaryotic cytosol proceeds through rounds of release of native and nonnative forms., Farr GW, Scharl EC, Schumacher RJ, Sondek S, Horwich AL., Cell. June 13, 1997; 89 (6): 927-37.

Molecular characterisation of the Xenopus laevis chaperonin gene Cctg., Walkley NA, Page RA, Malik AN., Biochim Biophys Acta. November 11, 1996; 1309 (1-2): 25-30.

Analysis of chaperonin-containing TCP-1 subunits in the human keratinocyte two-dimensional protein database: further characterisation of antibodies to individual subunits., Hynes G, Celis JE, Lewis VA, Carne A, U S, Lauridsen JB, Willison KR., Electrophoresis. November 1, 1996; 17 (11): 1720-7.

Release of both native and non-native proteins from a cis-only GroEL ternary complex., Burston SG, Weissman JS, Farr GW, Fenton WA, Horwich AL., Nature. September 5, 1996; 383 (6595): 96-9.

Isolation and characterization of a cDNA encoding a Xenopus 70-kDa heat shock cognate protein, Hsc70.I., Ali A, Salter-Cid L, Flajnik MF, Heikkila JJ., Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol. April 1, 1996; 113 (4): 681-7.

Cloning and expression of Xenopus CCT gamma, a chaperonin subunit developmentally regulated in neural-derived and myogenic lineages., Dunn MK, Mercola M., Dev Dyn. April 1, 1996; 205 (4): 387-94.              

Chaperonins dependent increase of Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase production in Escherichia coli., Battistoni A, Carri MT, Steinkühler C, Rotilio G., FEBS Lett. May 3, 1993; 322 (1): 6-9.

Thyroid hormone-induced gene expression changes in the developing frog limb., Buckbinder L, Brown DD., J Biol Chem. December 25, 1992; 267 (36): 25786-91.

A highly evolutionarily conserved mitochondrial protein is structurally related to the protein encoded by the Escherichia coli groEL gene., McMullin TW, Hallberg RL., Mol Cell Biol. January 1, 1988; 8 (1): 371-80.

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