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An intrinsic compartmentalization code for peripheral membrane proteins in photoreceptor neurons., Maza NA, Schiesser WE, Calvert PD., J Cell Biol. January 1, 2019; 218 (11): 3753-3772.                      

Imaging the dynamics of transcription loops in living chromosomes., Morgan GT., Chromosoma. January 1, 2018; 127 (3): 361-374.            

A role for SOX9 in post-transcriptional processes: insights from the amphibian oocyte., Penrad-Mobayed M, Perrin C, L'Hôte D, Contremoulins V, Lepesant JA, Boizet-Bonhoure B, Poulat F, Baudin X, Veitia RA., Sci Rep. January 1, 2018; 8 (1): 7191.                          

Association of modified cytosines and the methylated DNA-binding protein MeCP2 with distinctive structural domains of lampbrush chromatin., Morgan GT, Jones P, Bellini M., Chromosome Res. December 1, 2012; 20 (8): 925-42.                  

Light modulates the melanophore response to alpha-MSH in Xenopus laevis: an analysis of the signal transduction crosstalk mechanisms involved., Isoldi MC, Provencio I, Castrucci AM., Gen Comp Endocrinol. January 1, 2010; 165 (1): 104-10.          

Phosphorylation of CK1delta: identification of Ser370 as the major phosphorylation site targeted by PKA in vitro and in vivo., Giamas G, Hirner H, Shoshiashvili L, Grothey A, Gessert S, Kühl M, Henne-Bruns D, Vorgias CE, Knippschild U., Biochem J. September 15, 2007; 406 (3): 389-98.

Splicing-independent recruitment of spliceosomal small nuclear RNPs to nascent RNA polymerase II transcripts., Patel SB, Novikova N, Bellini M., J Cell Biol. September 10, 2007; 178 (6): 937-49.                    

Epithelial Na+ channel stimulation by n-3 fatty acids requires proximity to a membrane-bound A-kinase-anchoring protein complexed with protein kinase A and phosphodiesterase., Mies F, Spriet C, Héliot L, Sariban-Sohraby S., J Biol Chem. June 22, 2007; 282 (25): 18339-18347.

Spatial targeting of type II protein kinase A to filopodia mediates the regulation of growth cone guidance by cAMP., Han J, Han L, Tiwari P, Wen Z, Zheng JQ., J Cell Biol. January 1, 2007; 176 (1): 101-11.                  

Localized co-transcriptional recruitment of the multifunctional RNA-binding protein CELF1 by lampbrush chromosome transcription units., Morgan GT., Chromosome Res. January 1, 2007; 15 (8): 985-1000.

The effects of disruption of A kinase anchoring protein-protein kinase A association on protein kinase A signalling in neuroendocrine melanotroph cells of Xenopus laevis., Corstens GJ, van Boxtel R, van den Hurk MJ, Roubos EW, Jenks BG., J Neuroendocrinol. July 1, 2006; 18 (7): 477-83.

An atlas of differential gene expression during early Xenopus embryogenesis., Pollet N, Muncke N, Verbeek B, Li Y, Fenger U, Delius H, Niehrs C., Mech Dev. March 1, 2005; 122 (3): 365-439.                                                                                                                                                        

Protein kinase A, which regulates intracellular transport, forms complexes with molecular motors on organelles., Kashina AS, Semenova IV, Ivanov PA, Potekhina ES, Zaliapin I, Rodionov VI., Curr Biol. October 26, 2004; 14 (20): 1877-81.        

Extracellular adenine nucleotides regulate Na+/H+ exchanger NHE3 activity in A6-NHE3 transfectants by a cAMP/PKA-dependent mechanism., Bagorda A, Guerra L, Di Sole F, Helmle-Kolb C, Favia M, Jacobson KA, Casavola V, Reshkin SJ., J Membr Biol. August 1, 2002; 188 (3): 249-59.

The A-kinase-anchoring protein AKAP95 is a multivalent protein with a key role in chromatin condensation at mitosis., Collas P, Le Guellec K, Taskén K., J Cell Biol. December 13, 1999; 147 (6): 1167-80.          

Cellular heterogeneity of ammonium ion transport across the basolateral membrane of the hamster medullary thick ascending limb of Henle''s loop., Tsuruoka S, Takeda M, Yoshitomi K, Imai M., J Clin Invest. October 1, 1993; 92 (4): 1881-8.

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