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The histone fold subunits of Drosophila CHRAC facilitate nucleosome sliding through dynamic DNA interactions., Hartlepp KF, Fernández-Tornero C, Eberharter A, Grüne T, Müller CW, Becker PB., Mol Cell Biol. November 1, 2005; 25 (22): 9886-96.

WSTF-ISWI chromatin remodeling complex targets heterochromatic replication foci., Bozhenok L, Wade PA, Varga-Weisz P., EMBO J. May 1, 2002; 21 (9): 2231-41.

ISWI remodeling complexes in Xenopus egg extracts: identification as major chromosomal components that are regulated by INCENP-aurora B., MacCallum DE, Losada A, Kobayashi R, Hirano T., Mol Biol Cell. January 1, 2002; 13 (1): 25-39.

Multiple ISWI ATPase complexes from xenopus laevis. Functional conservation of an ACF/CHRAC homolog., Guschin D, Geiman TM, Kikyo N, Tremethick DJ, Wolffe AP, Wade PA., J Biol Chem. November 10, 2000; 275 (45): 35248-55.

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