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Lamellipodin promotes actin assembly by clustering Ena/VASP proteins and tethering them to actin filaments., Hansen SD, Mullins RD., Elife. July 9, 2015; 4                         

Cell adhesion in zebrafish embryos is modulated by March 8., Kim MH, Rebbert ML, Ro H, Won M, Dawid IB., PLoS One. January 1, 2014; 9 (4): e94873.            

Thyroid hormone-dependent development in Xenopus laevis: a sensitive screen of thyroid hormone signaling disruption by municipal wastewater treatment plant effluent., Searcy BT, Beckstrom-Sternberg SM, Beckstrom-Sternberg JS, Stafford P, Schwendiman AL, Soto-Pena J, Owen MC, Ramirez C, Phillips J, Veldhoen N, Helbing CC, Propper CR., Gen Comp Endocrinol. May 1, 2012; 176 (3): 481-92.

Maternal Interferon Regulatory Factor 6 is required for the differentiation of primary superficial epithelia in Danio and Xenopus embryos., Sabel JL, d'Alençon C, O'Brien EK, Van Otterloo E, Lutz K, Cuykendall TN, Schutte BC, Houston DW, Cornell RA., Dev Biol. January 1, 2009; 325 (1): 249-62.                            

Regulation of otic vesicle and hair cell stereocilia morphogenesis by Ena/VASP-like (Evl) in Xenopus., Wanner SJ, Miller JR., J Cell Sci. August 1, 2007; 120 (Pt 15): 2641-51.          

Cloning and developmental expression of Xenopus Enabled (Xena)., Xanthos JB, Wanner SJ, Miller JR., Dev Dyn. June 1, 2005; 233 (2): 631-7.      

Molecular cloning and expression of Ena/Vasp-like (Evl) during Xenopus development., Wanner SJ, Danos MC, Lohr JL, Miller JR., Gene Expr Patterns. February 1, 2005; 5 (3): 423-8.  

Specification of the enveloping layer and lack of autoneuralization in zebrafish embryonic explants., Sagerström CG, Gammill LS, Veale R, Sive H., Dev Dyn. January 1, 2005; 232 (1): 85-97.  

Localized calcium signals in early zebrafish development., Reinhard E, Yokoe H, Niebling KR, Allbritton NL, Kuhn MA, Meyer T., Dev Biol. July 1, 1995; 170 (1): 50-61.

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