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A Centipede Toxin Family Defines an Ancient Class of CSαβ Defensins., Dash TS, Shafee T, Harvey PJ, Zhang C, Peigneur S, Deuis JR, Vetter I, Tytgat J, Anderson MA, Craik DJ, Durek T, Undheim EAB., Structure. January 1, 2019; 27 (2): 315-326.e7.

miR-206 is required for changes in cell adhesion that drive muscle cell morphogenesis in Xenopus laevis., Vergara HM, Ramirez J, Rosing T, Nave C, Blandino R, Saw D, Saraf P, Piexoto G, Coombes C, Adams M, Domingo CR., Dev Biol. January 1, 2018; 438 (2): 94-110.                        

Spatial and temporal analysis of PCP protein dynamics during neural tube closure., Butler MT, Wallingford JB., Elife. January 1, 2018; 7                                         

WDR5 Stabilizes Actin Architecture to Promote Multiciliated Cell Formation., Kulkarni SS, Griffin JN, Date PP, Liem KF, Khokha MK., Dev Cell. January 1, 2018; 46 (5): 595-610.e3.                              

Cdc42 regulates the cellular localization of Cdc42ep1 in controlling neural crest cell migration., Cohen S, Kovari DT, Wei W, Keate R, Curtis JE, Nie S., J Mol Cell Biol. January 1, 2018; 10 (5): 376-387.                    

Unencumbered Pol β lyase activity in nucleosome core particles., Rodriguez Y, Howard MJ, Cuneo MJ, Prasad R, Wilson SH., Nucleic Acids Res. September 6, 2017; 45 (15): 8901-8915.              

RhoA regulates actin network dynamics during apical surface emergence in multiciliated epithelial cells., Sedzinski J, Hannezo E, Tu F, Biro M, Wallingford JB., J Cell Sci. January 1, 2017; 130 (2): 420-428.                

HMGB1 Stimulates Activity of Polymerase β on Nucleosome Substrates., Balliano A, Hao F, Njeri C, Balakrishnan L, Hayes JJ., Biochemistry. January 1, 2017; 56 (4): 647-656.

Emergence of an Apical Epithelial Cell Surface In Vivo., Sedzinski J, Hannezo E, Tu F, Biro M, Wallingford JB., Dev Cell. January 11, 2016; 36 (1): 24-35.            

Triggering signaling pathways using F-actin self-organization., Colin A, Bonnemay L, Gayrard C, Gautier J, Gueroui Z., Sci Rep. January 1, 2016; 6 34657.          

Coordinated genomic control of ciliogenesis and cell movement by RFX2., Chung MI, Kwon T, Tu F, Brooks ER, Gupta R, Meyer M, Baker JC, Marcotte EM, Wallingford JB., Elife. January 1, 2014; 3 e01439.                                                  

Comparative analysis of tools for live cell imaging of actin network architecture., Belin BJ, Goins LM, Mullins RD., Bioarchitecture. January 1, 2014; 4 (6): 189-202.                

Actin behavior in bulk cytoplasm is cell cycle regulated in early vertebrate embryos., Field CM, Wühr M, Anderson GA, Kueh HY, Strickland D, Mitchison TJ., J Cell Sci. June 15, 2011; 124 (Pt 12): 2086-95.

Versatile fluorescent probes for actin filaments based on the actin-binding domain of utrophin., Burkel BM, von Dassow G, Bement WM., Cell Motil Cytoskeleton. November 1, 2007; 64 (11): 822-32.

Enzymology of mitochondrial base excision repair., Bogenhagen DF, Pinz KG, Perez-Jannotti RM., Prog Nucleic Acid Res Mol Biol. January 1, 2001; 68 257-71.

The action of DNA ligase at abasic sites in DNA., Bogenhagen DF, Pinz KG., J Biol Chem. April 3, 1998; 273 (14): 7888-93.

Dystrophin is replaced by utrophin in frog heart; implications for muscular dystrophy., Morris GE., Neuromuscul Disord. December 1, 1997; 7 (8): 493-8.

Laminin-induced clustering of dystroglycan on embryonic muscle cells: comparison with agrin-induced clustering., Cohen MW, Jacobson C, Yurchenco PD, Morris GE, Carbonetto S., J Cell Biol. March 10, 1997; 136 (5): 1047-58.                                              

Smoothelin, a novel cytoskeletal protein specific for smooth muscle cells., van der Loop FT, Schaart G, Timmer ED, Ramaekers FC, van Eys GJ., J Cell Biol. July 1, 1996; 134 (2): 401-11.    

Excision of deoxyribose phosphate residues by DNA polymerase beta during DNA repair., Matsumoto Y, Kim K., Science. August 4, 1995; 269 (5224): 699-702.

Expression of the 43 kDa dystrophin-associated glycoprotein in human neuromuscular disease., Helliwell TR, Nguyen TM, Morris GE., Neuromuscul Disord. March 1, 1994; 4 (2): 101-13.

Monoclonal antibodies for dystrophin analysis. Epitope mapping and improved binding to SDS-treated muscle sections., Nguyen TM, Ginjaar IB, van Ommen GJ, Morris GE., Biochem J. December 1, 1992; 288 ( Pt 2) 663-8.

The effect of porphyrin precursors on monosynaptic reflex activity in the isolated hemisected frog spinal cord., Loots JM, Becker DM, Meyer BJ, Goldstuck N, Kramer S., J Neural Transm. January 1, 1975; 36 (1): 71-81.

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