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Structure-function analysis of ferroportin defines the binding site and an alternative mechanism of action of hepcidin., Aschemeyer S, Qiao B, Stefanova D, Valore EV, Sek AC, Ruwe TA, Vieth KR, Jung G, Casu C, Rivella S, Jormakka M, Mackenzie B, Ganz T, Nemeth E., Blood. January 1, 2018; 131 (8): 899-910.

Functional properties of human ferroportin, a cellular iron exporter reactive also with cobalt and zinc., Mitchell CJ, Shawki A, Ganz T, Nemeth E, Mackenzie B., Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. March 1, 2014; 306 (5): C450-9.

Comparative analysis of Xenopus tropicalis hepcidin I and hepcidin II genes., Hu X, Ward C, Aono S, Lan L, Dykstra C, Kemppainen RJ, Morrison EE, Shi J., Gene. December 15, 2008; 426 (1-2): 91-7.          

The adaptor molecule FADD from Xenopus laevis demonstrates evolutionary conservation of its pro-apoptotic activity., Sakamaki K, Takagi C, Kominami K, Sakata S, Yaoita Y, Kubota HY, Nozaki M, Yonehara S, Ueno N., Genes Cells. December 1, 2004; 9 (12): 1249-64.                

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